Construction Begins At UK Solar Park On Former Landfill Site


               Captured methane developer Infinis and waste management company FCC Environment are working in partnership to develop a new solar park on a former landfill site in England.  Due to energise in April 2023, the new solar park at Winterton, Lincolnshire, will generate circa 4300MWh of renewable energy each year – enough to power more than 1,300 homes. The Winterton solar energy park will occupy approximately 18 acres. It will be constructed in accordance with a methodology approved by the Environment Agency, which will protect the existing landfill structure. Chris Ellis, director of operations at FCC Environment said: “We are delighted to be working with Infinis to repurpose the Winterton landfill site and excited about the pipeline of similar projects on our sites which are currently progressing through the planning process.

               “These projects play an important role in supporting the UK achieving its Net Zero ambition.” Director of development and construction at Infinis Andrew Leeding said: “The Government’s recent energy security strategy focuses on the need to increase UK renewable energy generation, while also seeking to decarbonise the UK electricity system by 2035. “Renewable energy development has never been more important. “Infinis and FCC Environment are working together to develop a pipeline of solar energy projects on FCC landfill sites UK-wide. “We’re delighted to be constructing Winterton Solar Park as our first of hopefully many projects together.”







Credits: [Image: Infinis ]

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