Voltalia Commissions Portuguese PV Complex


               Voltalia has completed commissioning of its new Portuguese Garrido scheme consisting of five solar power plants for a total capacity of 51MW. Construction of the Garrido Project Complex began in September 2021. The site has reached full power after a phased commissioning that began in March 2023. The complex began production at the 2.4MW Vale Serrão, 11.8MW Pinhal Novo and 23.8MW Alcochete.

               The rest of the capacity, comprising the 1.2MW Oliveira de Frades and 11.4MW Antuzede sites, has just been connected to the grid. The entire capacity of the project is secured by long-term corporate power purchase agreements, including the one with BA Glass, a European producer of hollow glass for the beverage and food sector. “We are very pleased to announce the full power of our Garrido complex. “Portugal is a pioneer in Europe with a significant share of renewable energies in its energy mix,” said Voltalia chief executive Sébastien Clerc. “I thank all the teams for having carried out this complex,” added Clerc.






Credits: [Image:Voltalia]

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