RES Unveils 600MW UK Solar, Storage Plans


               RES has launched informal consultation on early plans for a solar and storage project of up to 600MW near to West Burton Power Station and in Sturton-le-Steeple, Nottinghamshire. The land under consideration is adjacent to the recently decommissioned West Burton Power Station, and RES has an agreement in place to utilise 600MW of surplus grid capacity. The project is at an early stage, but it is thought the land could support up to 400MW of solar energy generation and 200MW of battery storage.

               If progressed, the plans could be capable of producing enough renewable electricity each year to power around half of the homes in Nottinghamshire. The early informal consultation will run for six weeks from Monday 23 October until Monday 4 December 2023. RES project manager Will Bridges said: “Our plans are at an early stage, with ongoing technical work taking place to fully understand the suitability of the site. “We want to involve the local community from the outset and are undertaking this early informal consultation to introduce the plans and invite early feedback. “This renewable energy project, alongside other proposals, embraces the historic role that the area has played in powering the UK. “We believe there is an opportunity to build on this legacy and ensure that Nottinghamshire continues to play an important role in the UK’s future energy generation. “We’d encourage local residents to provide their feedback on our early plans by attending one of our in-person events or visiting the project website.” The development would represent a £224m investment during construction, creating 400 jobs over the 24-month build programme. RES is also keen to develop a community benefits package tailored to the needs and priorities of the local community, including RES’ unique Local Electricity Discount Scheme. Due to the amount of renewable energy that could be generated, it is anticipated that Steeple Renewables Project will be considered a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project requiring a Development Consent Order. Formal, statutory consultation is planned for 2024.






Credits: [Image: RES]

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