TotalEnergies Secures A Bright Future With A 59MW Solar Power Oasis In Spain

Illuminating Spain’s Future: TotalEnergies’ Solar Power Leap with the 59MW Dehesa Nueva del Rey 

               TotalEnergies is setting the stage for a brighter, greener future in Spain with its latest acquisition – the 59MW Dehesa Nueva del Rey solar park, a gem nestled in the heart of Spain and crafted by the innovative minds at Synergia. Imagine a sprawling solar oasis, brimming with over 95,000 PV panels, poised to transform sunlight into a clean, sustainable energy source capable of powering more than 33,000 homes annually. This isn’t just a project; it’s a vision turned reality, showcasing TotalEnergies’ commitment to fueling life with renewable energy.

               Dehesa Nueva del Rey isn’t just an addition; it’s a cornerstone in TotalEnergies’ expansive 3GW portfolio of solar dreams, spanning across Madrid, Murcia, Andalusia, Aragon, and Castilla La Mancha. With environmental permits in hand, these projects are set to light up the region with renewable electricity, rivaling the needs of an entire community like Madrid. Yago Mancebo Ferreiro, the visionary leader at TotalEnergies Renewables Spain, shares, “We’re not just participating in Spain’s energy transition; we’re leading it. Our dedication to renewable energies is unwavering, and with projects like Dehesa Nueva del Rey, we’re inching closer to our goal. Boasting a portfolio that now surpasses 4GW, we’re on a mission to redefine energy in Spain, making it sustainable, accessible, and a testament to our commitment as a multi-energy powerhouse. Our journey towards a sustainable future is powered by every panel we install and every watt we generate.”

Join us as we embark on this journey of transformation, lighting up homes and hearts with the power of the sun. TotalEnergies is more than an energy company; it’s a beacon of hope for a sustainable, vibrant Spain. 🌱🔆 #TotalEnergiesSpain #SolarEnergy #SustainableLiving #RenewableEnergy #SolarPowerSpain







Credit: [Image: TotalEnergies]

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