Powering Up: Enfinity Scores Big With $195m For Japan PV Array Project

Empowering Japan’s Green Revolution: Enfinity Global’s $195m Boost for Aomori Solar Plant 

Enfinity Global has just secured a whopping $195m (¥29bn) in long-term financing for its operational 70MW Aomori solar power plant in Japan. This massive investment, with Nomura Securities International and Aozora Bank leading the charge, marks a significant step towards Japan’s ambitious carbon-neutral goals by 2050.

Situated in the scenic Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan, this state-of-the-art solar plant is poised to generate over 75GWh of clean energy annually. That’s enough to power 11% of Aomori City’s residential energy needs or approximately 15,600 households, while also slashing 35,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year.

Carlos Domenech, Enfinity Global’s CEO, expressed the company’s dedication to Japan’s carbon-neutral vision, emphasizing their role as a long-term investor committed to sustainable progress.

Nomura’s Vinod Mukani echoed this sentiment, highlighting the tailored financing solution designed to support Enfinity Global’s impactful contribution to Japan’s clean energy transition.

And let’s not forget Aozora Bank’s commitment to financing renewable energy projects, underscoring the collective effort towards a carbon-free economy.

This milestone not only showcases Enfinity Global’s commitment to clean energy but also reflects a broader industry shift towards sustainable practices. Stay tuned as we witness Japan’s journey towards a greener, more sustainable future! 🌿💡 #CleanEnergy #Sustainability #GreenRevolution”








Credit: [Image: Enfinity Global]

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