Vattenfall Starts Building German Agrivoltaic Farm


               Vattenfall has started construction on its Tutzpatz 79MW agrivoltaic project in north-east Germany. On a total area of 93 hectares, solar modules will be erected on different rack systems and combined with suitable forms of agricultural use.

               Vattenfall’s partner in the project is Power and Air Condition Solution Management (PASM), a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, which will buy the power production of the plant for 10 years via a corporate power purchase agreement. The plant will annually cover the demand of about 2500 Deutsche Telecom mobile phone stations. Tutzpatz agrivoltaic farm is built without state subsidies and is to be competed in 2024. Head of Vattenfall’s Solar Division Claus Wattendrup said: “With the construction of an agrivoltaic project on this scale, we are doing real pioneering work. We want to show that sustainable agriculture and energy production can complement each other perfectly. With the Tutzpatz project, we are now developing this young technology on a commercial scale.”






Credits: [Image: Falck Renewables]

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