Enfinity Global Swoops On 546MW US Solar


               Enfinity Global has acquired 546MW of solar assets under development from CS Energy in the US state of Colorado. This deal allows the company to make further progress in the implementation of its long-term business strategy in the US. The acquisition portfolio consists of three solar projects in Colorado, an attractive solar market mandating 100% renewable energy generation by 2050. The portfolio is expected to generate recurrent EBITDA of approximately $59m per year with investment grade counterparties.

               The sites are expected to start construction in the next two years. Enfinity Global is renewable energy independent power producer, with an existing global business of over 17GW that includes 7.3GW of energy storage assets and 1GW of operational sites. In the US, Enfinity Global operates a portfolio of 400MW and 28 solar power plants in the states of California, Idaho and North Carolina and owns 6GW of solar and storage projects under development in different states across the country. Chief executive Americas of Enfinity Global Ricardo Díaz said: “Our long-term ownership business model allows us to partner with relevant investors, stakeholders, and customers, aligning capabilities that create a zero-carbon future and benefit the communities in which we participate. “We will continue committed to develop additional projects in Colorado.”







Credits: [Image: Enfinity Global]

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