Is This The UK’s Battery Breakthrough? SSE Project Reaches Milestone

Powering the Peak: Massive Battery Arrives at Ferrybridge! 

The future of clean energy storage is rolling into West Yorkshire! SSE’s incredible 150MW battery project at Ferrybridge just reached a major milestone with the arrival of the first of 136 battery units.

This colossal project will be three times the size of SSE’s first battery storage facility and once operational, could keep the lights on for nearly a quarter of a million homes during peak demand! That’s some serious power!

This innovative project is key to unlocking the full potential of renewable energy sources like wind and solar power in the UK. By storing excess energy during low-demand periods, Ferrybridge will ensure a more reliable and sustainable grid for everyone. ♻️

Construction is moving smoothly with OCU Energy leading the installation alongside crane specialists Notus Contract Lifting. The remaining batteries and a crucial 132kV transformer will be arriving soon, with completion expected by late 2024.

This is just the beginning for SSE! They have two more massive battery storage projects underway – a whopping 320MW facility in Monk Fryston and another 150MW project at Fiddler’s Ferry. The future of clean energy is bright in the UK! ☀️

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Jobs, Growth, and Green Energy: Why Wales Needs A Renewables Boost

Wales Calls for Accelerated Renewable Energy Transition: A Four Nations Approach 

RenewableUK Cymru, a leading renewable energy industry body, has issued a formal call to action in its 2024 manifesto. The organization urges the incoming UK Government to prioritize a rapid transition towards renewable energy sources for Wales.

The Need for Increased Capacity:

The manifesto highlights the critical need for a significant increase in wind power capacity, both onshore and offshore, to meet the rising demand for clean electricity. The current reliance on non-renewable sources, with only 25% of Wales’ energy generation coming from renewables, poses a challenge for energy security and environmental sustainability.

Proposed Solution: A Four Nations Taskforce

RenewableUK Cymru proposes the establishment of a “Four Nations Taskforce” to streamline policies between the UK and Welsh Governments. This collaborative effort would facilitate faster decision-making and eliminate bureaucratic hurdles impeding renewable energy projects.

Public Support for Renewables

The manifesto emphasizes the strong public support for renewable energy in Wales. Polling data demonstrates that a vast majority of Welsh residents (90%) view renewable energy as a key issue for the next government, with a significant number (63%) advocating for increased investment. Public backing extends to grid infrastructure development, with 62% supporting a new grid network to accelerate renewable energy rollout.

Call to Action:

Jess Hooper, Director of RenewableUK Cymru, underscores the urgency of decisive action. She emphasizes the need for a clear and ambitious plan to address the current shortfall in renewable energy projects. With the global energy landscape rapidly evolving, Wales risks falling behind without a proactive approach.


RenewableUK Cymru’s manifesto presents a compelling case for a rapid transition to renewable energy in Wales. The proposed Four Nations Taskforce signifies a commitment to collaboration and efficiency. By prioritizing clean energy, Wales can ensure a secure energy future, promote economic growth, and contribute to a more sustainable planet. #WalesRenewables #GreenEnergy #UKPolitics







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Yorkshire’s Power Play: What Does This New Solar-Storage Site Mean?

Yorkshire Shining Bright: New Solar Farm & Battery to Power Homes and Communities!

Sun’s out, future’s bright! Ridge Clean Energy (RCE) just got the green light to build a brand new solar farm and battery storage facility in East Riding, Yorkshire. Here’s why this project is a ray of sunshine for the region:

Powering Thousands of Homes with Clean Energy:

  • The Three Oaks Renewable Energy Park (REP) will boast a capacity of 39MW, generating enough clean electricity to power roughly 8,600 homes!
  • This translates to a significant reduction in reliance on fossil fuels and a positive step towards a cleaner future for Yorkshire.

Investing in the Community:

  • RCE isn’t just focused on clean energy; they’re committed to giving back. The project will establish a Three Oaks Community Benefit Fund, injecting a whopping £20,000 annually for the next 40 years!
  • Managed by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, in partnership with local parish councils, this fund will directly support social, educational, and environmental initiatives that benefit the community.

A Haven for Nature:

  • Three Oaks REP goes beyond generating clean power. Through a series of ecological enhancements, the project aims to achieve a net gain of 69% for local biodiversity!
  • Imagine new trees, wildflower meadows, and flourishing hedgerows – a haven for nature right alongside clean energy production.

Marjorie Glasgow, CEO of Ridge Clean Energy, sums it up perfectly: “We’re thrilled to bring clean energy and community investment to Yorkshire. This project sets a new standard for integrating renewable energy with environmental protection and community involvement.”

This is exciting news for Yorkshire! Not only will Three Oaks REP provide clean energy for thousands of homes, but it will also leave a lasting positive impact on the local community and environment. Stay tuned to see this sunshine project come to life! #YorkshireSolar #CleanEnergy #CommunityInvestment







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Green Giant Awakens: EU Renewables See Explosive 65% Growth

Europe’s Green Surge: Wind and Solar Power Soar, Pushing Out Fossil Fuels!

The wind is blowing strong, and the sun is shining bright across Europe! A new report by Ember reveals a remarkable green transformation happening in the EU’s energy sector. Let’s dive into the details:

Wind and Solar on a Roll!

  • Since 2019, wind and solar capacity has exploded a whopping 65%, adding a staggering 188GW of clean energy power.
  • Wind farms are producing 31% more power, while solar panels have more than doubled their output, making them a major player in the energy mix.

Clean Energy Dominates!

  • This surge in renewables has resulted in a 46% increase in wind and solar generation, pushing their share of the EU’s electricity mix to a quarter in 2023, up from just 17% in 2019.
  • Thanks to this clean energy revolution, the overall share of renewables in the EU has jumped from 34% to 44% in just four years!

Fossil Fuels Feeling the Heat!

  • As renewables take center stage, fossil fuels are getting squeezed out. The EU has witnessed a 22% decrease in fossil fuel generation since 2019.
  • This impressive shift is driven by a significant drop in both coal and gas power generation.

Leaders in Green Innovation:

  • Germany and Spain are leading the charge, contributing a combined 31% of the EU’s new wind and solar capacity.
  • But the good news doesn’t stop there! More than half of the EU member states have at least doubled their wind and solar capacity, with some even tripling it!

Clean Power Spreads Across Europe:

  • From countries like Slovenia, which quadrupled its capacity, to powerhouse Netherlands, which tripled it, the green wave is washing over Europe.
  • Even Central and Eastern Europe are accelerating their transition. Hungary and Poland have seen significant increases in solar power, with Poland adding a whopping 9% of the EU’s total new capacity in the last four years.

EU Sets the Global Standard:

  • This rapid clean energy growth has made the EU a global leader in clean electricity generation. With an emission intensity half the global average, the EU is leaving other major economies in the dust.
  • Since 2019, the EU’s electricity has become even cleaner, dropping its emissions intensity by a significant 15%.

The Future is Green!

Europe’s commitment to renewables is paying off. With wind and solar leading the charge, the EU is not only reducing its reliance on fossil fuels but also significantly lowering its carbon footprint. This is a shining example for other countries to follow as we transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable future! #CleanEnergyWins #GreenRevolution #RenewablePower #TechForGood #InnovationInAction #FutureOfEnergy #CleanEnergy #ClimateAction #Sustainability 







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Sun Powerhouse: R Power And Elawan Energy Join Forces To Light Up Italy

Europe’s solar scene just got a whole lot brighter! Renowned developer R Power has joined forces with Orix Group’s Elawan Energy to create a mega-solar joint venture in Italy. Get ready for a 2GW solar revolution that will change the energy landscape of the country!

Why the Buzz?

This dynamic duo aims to build a whopping 2GW solar portfolio in Italy over the next five years. That’s enough sunshine to power millions of homes and businesses! Here’s the secret sauce:

  • Equal Footing: Both R Power and Elawan Energy will share the projects equally when they’re ready to be built, ensuring a balanced and efficient partnership.
  • Financial Muscle: Elawan Energy brings the financial muscle, while R Power takes the lead on finding and developing these solar gems. They’ll even partially chip in for development costs – a true team effort!

What This Means

This isn’t just about big numbers. This joint venture is a game-changer for Italy’s renewable energy scene. Here’s why:

  • Faster, Greener Future: By accelerating solar development, R Power and Elawan Energy are paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable Italy.
  • Market Leadership: R Power is setting its sights on becoming a major player in the Italian renewable energy market, and this partnership is a big step forward.

Klaudiusz Kalisz, a member of R Power’s board, summed it up perfectly: “This joint venture is a pivotal step in our strategy to become a leader in Italy’s renewable energy market. Partnering with Elawan enhances our presence and marks a significant milestone. We look forward to making a substantial impact on a greener and more sustainable future for Italy.”

This partnership is a bright light for Italy’s solar potential. Stay tuned to see how they illuminate the path to a more sustainable tomorrow! #SolarPower #CleanEnergy #BuildingTheFuture








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BayWa r.e. Energizes New Solar Plant In Spain

               BayWa r.e. has powered up its first agri-solar park in Spain, a 54MW facility near Granada, providing renewable power to Velux Group. This innovative solar park combines agriculture and biodiversity initiatives, ensuring sustainable practices and environmental benefits. The Alhendin-based solar plant, now fully operational and connected to the Spanish electricity grid, features over 85,000 solar panels. Approximately 10% of the park is designed to accommodate farming machinery, supporting agricultural activities alongside energy production.

               The park includes various biodiversity initiatives such as baseline studies, digitalization and monitoring of vegetation, grass planting with natural seeds and wildflower species, wildlife refuges, ponds for amphibians, bird drinking tanks, nest boxes, posts, and a hatching area for the endangered Lesser Kestrel bird species. This project is financed through a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Velux Group, which also announced another PPA in November 2022 with BayWa r.e. for a solar park in Gerena, near Seville. The Gerena solar park, expected to be 60MW in size, is awaiting regulatory approval and is scheduled for completion in 2025. Daniel Gafke, Global Director of Projects and Executive Member of the Board at BayWa r.e., expressed his enthusiasm: “We are delighted to support Velux in reaching its goal of 100% renewable electricity for its European operations. This achievement represents an important milestone in BayWa r.e.’s own commitment to advancing the corporate energy transition that is so pivotal for meeting global climate targets. We are aligned with Velux to go above and beyond normal standards, which allows us to implement pioneering elements like agri-PV, as well as improving biodiversity and fostering community engagement, for maximum local value creation.”#SustainableEnergy #AgriPV #RenewablePower #VeluxGroup #BayWare #SolarEnergy #Biodiversity #GreenEnergy #EnergyTransition #ClimateAction







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GRS Set To Energize Spain With Two New Solar Sites

GRS Powers Ahead with Two 105MW Solar Projects for BRUC in Spain

GRS, the solar EPC contractor of Gransolar Group, is embarking on an exciting venture, constructing two 105MW PV plants for BRUC in Archidona, Spain.

These projects mark a significant milestone for GRS as they near the completion of around fifty large-scale photovoltaic projects across the Iberian Peninsula. Once completed, the Archidona PV plant will generate enough energy to power 40,000 homes, making it one of the largest projects GRS has undertaken in the Iberian market. This adds to their impressive portfolio, including Carmonita Norte (123MW), Desafío Solar (50MW), Las Naranjillas (50MW), and Insua (48.5MW).

GRS’s engineering, construction, and O&M teams are working in harmony with other Gransolar Group companies. PV Hardware (PVH) will supply and install 1,516 solar trackers, ensuring the plant operates at peak performance.

Partnering with BRUC, a leading player in the renewable energy sector with an impressive 8500MW asset portfolio in Spain, underscores the significance of this project. Luis Venero, chief executive of BRUC, expressed confidence in GRS, stating: “We trust in the quality and rigor of GRS to build the Archidona solar photovoltaic generation plants, which strengthen our presence in Andalusia. Along with our other ongoing projects, BRUC will have 2000MW under construction and operation by the end of the year, from a total portfolio of 8500MW in operation, under construction, and under development.”

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Mytilineos Inks Groundbreaking Solar Power Deals In Ireland

Mytilineos has signed two long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to supply renewable energy from two solar farms in Ireland to Keppel DC REIT’s two Dublin facilities. 

Strategically located in Gorey, Wexford, and Goresbridge, Kilkenny, these solar farms boast a combined capacity of 14.28MW. Positioned in some of Ireland’s highest irradiation regions, they will generate approximately 13.6GWh of renewable electricity annually, reducing CO2 emissions by over 6,250 tonnes each year.  Gary Watson, Keppel DC REIT’s Country Manager for Ireland, highlighted their commitment to achieving Net Zero operations by 2030, aligning with Ireland’s Climate Action Plan and the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact. “Strengthening our commitment to climate change, we can better support our clients’ sustainability goals,” Watson said.  With these new PPAs, 92% of the power requirements at Keppel DC REIT’s Dublin data centres will be met by Irish renewable sources, with Mytilineos delivering about 11% of the total power needs upon the solar farms’ completion in summer 2024. 

Developed by Mytilineos’ M Renewables, which handled the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of the solar parks, this marks Mytilineos’ first PPA in Ireland, strengthening its presence in the local renewable energy market. Nikos Papapetrou, Executive Director at M Renewables Mytilineos, expressed pride in partnering with Keppel, recognizing the critical need for green solutions in the energy market. Mytilineos has been active in Europe and the UK for a decade, and Ireland is a strategic focus for their solar, storage, and hydrogen businesses. The global portfolio of M Renewables, which is expanding dynamically across five continents, now totals approximately 10GW, including projects in various development stages. 

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Advocate For Public Ownership Of Renewable Energy In The UK

Politicians are being urged to prioritise people-owned power ahead of the next election to help drive the UK’s transition to renewable energy, according to a new manifesto published by Ripple Energy.

Ripple Energy is bringing thousands of members of the public together to co-own wind farms and solar parks, powering their homes with up to 100% green electricity and saving thousands of pounds on their bills. Currently, nearly all renewable energy projects in the UK are owned by large businesses, utility companies, and banks. Ripple aims to change this dynamic by ensuring that “real” people benefit from their very own source of low-cost clean electricity, no matter where they live or whether they rent or own their property. By empowering members of the public and democratizing renewable energy production, Ripple argues that the UK can achieve greater sustainability, energy security, and economic stability. To support this significant shift in the UK’s energy future, Ripple’s People Power Manifesto makes four calls to action for the next UK Government:

1. 20% Consumer Ownership: Ensure that all new green energy projects offer consumer ownership as standard, aiming for 20% consumer ownership in all new wind farms and solar parks.
2. Energy Levies: Exempt consumers from paying energy levies on power generated from their own unsubsidized wind farm or solar park.
3. Tax Relief: Introduce tax relief on all energy bill savings from self-owned green power, aligning collective ownership with home solar.
4. Inclusive Ownership: Provide interest-free loans for low-income households to ensure a just and inclusive green transition.

Ripple Energy’s Founder and Chief Executive, Sarah Merrick, emphasized the importance of this transition:”The UK’s energy landscape is changing, and its ownership needs to change too. It’s time to put people at the heart of the transition to a greener, cleaner, and cheaper power system. Consumer ownership can be huge. The next Government really needs to scale it up and enable everyone to get involved. By embracing people-owned power, we can ensure that the benefits of renewable energy are shared by all, creating a more equal and sustainable future.” Since 2018, Ripple has delivered two consumer-owned wind farms. A single turbine at Graig Fatha in Wales is owned by 900 members of the public, and an eight-turbine wind farm at Kirk Hill in Scotland is owned by 5,600 people. Kirk Hill Wind Farm is currently the UK’s largest consumer-owned renewable energy site, with the eight turbines generating for the first time this month.

In addition, a solar park is under construction at Derril Water in Devon, and a 14-turbine wind farm was announced last month at Whitelaw Brae in the Scottish Borders, with members of the public able to purchase a share before 31st May 2024. With Ripple Energy’s vision, the UK can pioneer a new era of public participation in renewable energy, ensuring a cleaner, greener, and more inclusive energy future for all. #RenewableEnergyRevolution #PeoplePower #GreenEnergyForAll #SustainableFuture #EnergyDemocracy #UKRenewables #CleanEnergyNow #PublicOwnership #EnergyTransition #ClimateActionNow #GreenEconomy #CommunityPower #RenewableRevolution #GreenTech #EcoFriendlyLiving #EnergyJustice #WindPower #SolarEnergy #Empowerment #GreenInvesting #RenewableOwnership #ClimateChangeSolutions #GreenTransition #EnergyEquality #RippleEnergy #ConsumerEmpowerment #EnergyInnovation








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Floating PV Pioneer Expands Horizons: New Office Launch In Japan

SolarDuck Sets Sail in Asia Pacific: New Tokyo Office to Lead Offshore Floating PV Expansion 

Floating PV developer SolarDuck has made a strategic move by opening an office in Tokyo to oversee its activities in the Asia Pacific region. This new hub marks a significant step forward as the company sets its sights on the rapidly maturing offshore energy industry in both East and Southeast Asia.

According to SolarDuck, these regions present attractive growth prospects that promise an exciting launchpad for offshore floating photovoltaic (OFPV) systems. The company’s co-founder and head of business development for Asia Pacific, Olaf de Swart, emphasized the immense potential of the region, stating, “Asia Pacific is a gigawatt scale opportunity, and we are committed to trailblazing the growth path for OFPV in the region. We have the technology, we have the footprint, and we are shaping the team to deliver on this vision.”

SolarDuck already has a strong presence in Asia, with operations in both Japan and Malaysia. One of the company’s notable achievements is the successful installation of the Teal demonstrator in Tokyo Bay, a project developed in collaboration with Tokyu Land Corporation and supported by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. This project showcases SolarDuck’s capability to execute complex installations efficiently.

In Malaysia, SolarDuck is working closely with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) on a promising offshore project near Tioman Island. These initiatives are not only advancing the adoption of OFPV in the region but also strengthening SolarDuck’s relationships with key partners.

To support its ambitious growth plans, SolarDuck is ramping up local hiring in Tokyo, aiming to build a robust team that can drive the company’s vision forward. With these strategic moves, SolarDuck is well-positioned to lead the OFPV revolution in Asia Pacific, paving the way for a sustainable and innovative energy future.

Stay tuned for more updates on SolarDuck’s journey as they expand their footprint and continue to make waves in the offshore floating PV industry! 🚀🔋 #SolarDuck #FloatingPV #RenewableEnergy #AsiaPacific #TokyoOffice #SustainableFuture









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