Ib Vogt Clinches Major Financing Deal For A Stunning 418MW Solar Power Project In Spain


Ib Vogt Illuminates Spain with a Groundbreaking 418MW Solar Power Triumph

               In an impressive stride toward a greener future, Ib Vogt has brilliantly sealed the financial deal for a colossal 418MW solar energy portfolio, casting a new light on Spain’s renewable energy landscape. Nestled in the scenic expanses of Segovia, within the vibrant autonomous community of Castile and Leon, this solar venture is not just about power generation—it’s a bold statement on sustainable development. With a whopping €350 million in debt financing, orchestrated through the collaborative efforts of esteemed financial institutions Nord/LB, Santander CIB, and BBVA, this project stands as a beacon of innovation and financial synergy. The backing by these banking giants underscores the project’s robustness and the unwavering commitment to propel Spain into a cleaner, renewable future.

              The solar ensemble features three stellar projects—Serbal, Castano, and Pato—each a testament to cutting-edge technology and environmental stewardship. These projects are engineered to harness the sun’s bounty like never before, thanks to high-efficiency bifacial modules and sophisticated single-axis tracker systems. These installations are not just solar arrays; they are the future of energy, designed to maximize the sun’s potential. Under the meticulous care of Ib Vogt, which is spearheading the full engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) efforts, the wheels of progress have already begun to turn, with construction underway across all three sites. The timeline is set, with Serbal and Castano gearing up for commercial operations by December 2024, and Pato poised to shine in the first quarter of 2025. But the journey doesn’t end at construction. Ib Vogt will continue to shepherd these projects through their lifecycle, managing both operation and maintenance (O&M) and asset management, ensuring these solar marvels not only reach but exceed their potential.

               Anton Milner, Ib Vogt’s visionary CEO, reflects on this achievement as a testament to enduring partnerships and a deep-seated commitment to renewable energy in Spain. Meanwhile, Heiko Ludwig of Nord/LB, champions the collaboration as a pivotal moment for Spain’s energy transition, highlighting the Iberian renewable energy market as a cornerstone of their sustainable future endeavors. This monumental project marks a significant milestone in the journey toward sustainability, embodying the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and environmental responsibility. It’s a clear signal that the future is bright, and it’s powered by the sun.

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Credit: [Image: Ib Vogt]


Good Energy Acquires Prominent UK Solar Power Innovator


               In a groundbreaking move for the renewable energy sector, Good Energy Group has taken a monumental step by entering into a strategic acquisition of JPS Renewable Energy, a frontrunner in solar and storage solutions, along with its subsidiary, Trust Solar Wholesale. This marks a pivotal moment for the Maidstone, Kent-based specialist, setting a new benchmark in the industry’s pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. The deal, valued at a striking £13.75 million, is structured on a debt-free, cash-free basis, blending an upfront cash payment with a share-based transaction. The initial £7 million consideration is cleverly partitioned between a £3.7 million cash payment upon completion and the innovative allotment of 1,322,000 new ordinary shares. This approach not only underscores the financial savvy of Good Energy but also reflects a strong confidence in the merged entity’s future prospects.

               Good Energy’s decision to partially finance the acquisition through a vendor placing of 842,000 shares, at a notable discount, highlights the attractiveness of this investment to both parties. Furthermore, the inclusion of a 12-month lock-up period for the remaining shares ensures a shared commitment to the long-term success of this venture. This acquisition is not just a financial transaction but a strategic expansion that cements Good Energy’s status as the UK’s premier solar specialist. Nigel Pocklington, the visionary CEO of Good Energy, emphasizes the timeliness of this acquisition, pointing out the solar sector’s explosive growth in the UK and its critical role in the country’s energy decarbonization efforts. With the solar installation market experiencing an impressive 38% growth in 2023, the JPS Group’s specialization in catering to the high-end market of larger homes and complex installations positions Good Energy to capitalize on this surging demand. This merger is a calculated move to not only enhance Good Energy’s product offerings but also to significantly broaden its market reach and influence.

               Integrating JPS Group under the Good Energy umbrella is expected to fortify the company’s market presence, affirming its expertise in solar and storage solutions. It also opens avenues for introducing Good Energy’s extensive green product suite to a new and eager customer base, aligning perfectly with the company’s mission to promote a sustainable and greener future. As we witness this transformative collaboration, it’s clear that Good Energy is not just participating in the renewable energy movement; it’s leading it. With over 180,000 solar generator customers and a rich history of innovation, Good Energy is poised to make an indelible impact on the UK’s energy landscape.

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24 Powerhouses Secure Spots In Saudi Arabia’s Monumental 3.7GW Solar Energy Initiative


Elevating Saudi Arabia’s Energy Landscape: A Leap Towards Sustainability with Round 5 of NREP

               In an extraordinary stride towards a sustainable future, Saudi Arabia has proudly announced the qualification of 24 dynamic companies for the pivotal fifth round of renewable energy projects. This initiative falls under the visionary National Renewable Energy Program (NREP), meticulously guided by the Ministry of Energy’s expertise. The Saudi Power Procurement Company (SPPC) has unveiled a prestigious list of global powerhouses, including EDF Renouvelables, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), Marubeni, Samsung C&T Corporation, TotalEnergies Renewables, and the Power Construction Corporation of China, marking a significant milestone in the realm of renewable energy.

               This round’s collective ambition is nothing short of monumental, boasting a combined capacity of 3700MW spread across four solar projects. These include the colossal 2000MW Al Sadawi project, the robust 1000MW Al Masa’a, the dynamic 400MW Al Henakiyah 2, and the pioneering 300MW Rabigh 2. Each project is a testament to innovation, sustainability, and the bright future of renewable energy in the Kingdom. Under the strategic leadership and supervision of the Ministry of Energy, NREP’s goal is crystal clear – to harness the potential of renewables and significantly increase their contribution to Saudi Arabia’s energy mix. The vision is ambitious yet achievable: to generate 50% of the nation’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030, setting a global benchmark in energy transformation.

               As we stand on the brink of this renewable revolution, let’s rally together to support and celebrate these milestones in Saudi Arabia’s journey towards an eco-friendly and energy-efficient future. Join the conversation and spread the word using hashtags #RenewableEnergy #Sustainability #Vision2030 #SaudiGreenInitiative #NREP #SolarPower.

               This groundbreaking initiative not only reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to environmental stewardship but also its role as a global leader in the transition towards a more sustainable and renewable energy-dominated future. Let’s watch closely as these projects unfold, marking new chapters in the story of our planet’s sustainable development.  Feel free to share and discuss this pivotal moment in renewable energy on your favorite social platforms. Together, we can illuminate the path to a greener, more sustainable world. #RenewableEnergyRevolution #EcoInnovation #GreenTech






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Lightsource BP Unveils Major Move: Sells Massive 294MW Solar Portfolio In Italy


 Lightsource BP Energizes Italy: A 294MW Solar Sale Sparks New Growth

In a landmark move that’s electrifying Italy’s renewable landscape, Lightsource BP has orchestrated the sale of six avant-garde solar greenfield projects to the esteemed asset manager, EOS Investment Management Group (EOS IM). This impressive portfolio, boasting a combined capacity of 294MW, marks a pivotal step in Italy’s green energy journey, with projects either greenlit or nearing the final development phase and construction anticipated to kick off within the next year.

 A Strategic Shift for Sustainable Expansion

This savvy transaction isn’t just about changing hands; it’s a strategic play by Lightsource BP to reinvest and broaden its horizons in the vibrant Italian market. With a dedicated team of 30 local experts, Lightsource BP is not slowing down—it’s charging ahead with over 1GW of mature solar project opportunities and a burgeoning energy storage pipeline. This move is a testament to Lightsource BP’s commitment to fostering renewable energy growth and sustainability in Italy.

 EOS IM: A Beacon of Clean Energy Investment

For EOS IM, this acquisition is more than a portfolio expansion; it’s a bold statement of its standing as a powerhouse in Italy’s independent clean energy investment sphere. The portfolio isn’t just about generating green power; it embodies innovation and sustainability, featuring agri-photovoltaic (agri-PV) projects. These initiatives seamlessly blend renewable energy production with agriculture, hosting sheep grazing, honey production, and the cultivation of olives, pistachios, oranges, and other local crops. This dual-purpose approach not only generates clean electricity but also champions biodiversity.

 A Vision for Renewable Resilience

Giovanni Mascari, Lightsource BP’s country head for Italy, highlights the growing demand for homegrown, secure, and renewable electricity. This deal is a lever for growth, enabling Lightsource BP to reinvest and scale its contribution to the energy transition. Mascari’s vision extends beyond the projects themselves, eyeing the broader impact on the energy landscape and local economies.

 EOS IM’s Clean Energy Milestone

Natalino Mongillo, managing partner at EOS IM, views this acquisition as a cornerstone for EOS IM’s second clean energy infrastructure fund. Elevating the fund’s capacity to over 370MW of assets and bolstering a project pipeline poised to add 600MW, Mongillo underscores the significance of this move in reinforcing EOS IM’s dynamic role in Italy’s energy transition.

 The Future is Bright

This strategic transaction between Lightsource BP and EOS IM is more than a business deal; it’s a forward-thinking partnership poised to accelerate Italy’s transition to renewable energy. With Lightsource BP’s innovative projects and EOS IM’s investment acumen, this collaboration is set to spark a brighter, greener future for Italy, showcasing the power of synergy in advancing sustainable energy solutions and economic growth.






Credits: [Image: Lightsource BP]


Oxford PV Breakthrough: Solar Cell Hits Remarkable 25% Efficiency Milestone


 Oxford PV: Powering the Future with a 25% Efficiency Leap in Solar Technology

In the quest to harness the sun’s boundless energy more efficiently, Oxford PV, a pioneering UK-based firm, has achieved a groundbreaking milestone. Their latest innovation in photovoltaic cell technology has reached a dazzling 25% conversion efficiency, outshining the commercial norm of 24% found in silicon-based solar cells. This leap forward is not just a number—it’s a beacon of hope for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

 A Brighter Tomorrow with High-Efficiency Solar Cells

Imagine solar modules that can generate more power from the same slice of sunlight. That’s the promise of Oxford PV’s high-efficiency cells. By pushing the boundaries beyond the conventional, they’re making the dream of more affordable and accessible clean energy a reality. As a spin-out from the illustrious University of Oxford, the company is at the forefront of commercializing perovskite-on-silicon tandem solar cells. With a theoretical efficiency ceiling soaring above 43%, compared to the sub-30% limit for traditional silicon cells, Oxford PV is lighting the way to a brighter, greener future.

 The Dawn of a Solar Revolution in 2024

The year 2024 is poised to be a watershed moment for Oxford PV and the global energy landscape. Plans to escalate manufacturing and establish a new factory for high-volume production of their tandem solar cells are underway. This ambitious expansion is not just about scaling up; it’s about revolutionizing how we power our world.

Chris Case, Oxford PV’s Chief Technology Officer, envisions a world where solar energy’s reach is boundless. “Our technological advancements mean we can produce more electricity from the same area, making solar power even more cost-effective and sustainable. We’re looking to illuminate every corner of the market, from homes to commercial buildings and utility-scale projects.”

David Ward, CEO, shared his excitement about setting a new world record in solar efficiency. “This achievement is a testament to the potential of our tandem solar cells. 2024 will be a transformative year as we start rolling out market-ready panels from our factory in Germany. We’re also on a global quest to find a new site for large-scale manufacturing, aiming to catapult our technology into the mainstream.”


Oxford PV’s breakthrough represents more than just technological prowess; it symbolizes a step closer to a world where clean energy is the norm, not the exception. As they gear up for a pivotal year, their efforts could significantly impact how we think about and utilize solar energy. With the potential to make solar power more efficient, affordable, and widespread, Oxford PV is not just chasing the sun—they’re helping us all reach a brighter future.






Credits: [Image: Oxford PV]


LGIM Pledges £25 Million To Supercharge National Trust’s Renewable Energy Revolution


 A Brighter Tomorrow: LGIM and National Trust Forge a £25 Million Alliance for Renewable Energy

In an inspiring stride towards sustainability, Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM) has embarked on a £25 million venture with the National Trust, marking a pivotal moment in the UK’s conservation and renewable energy sectors. This partnership is set to unleash a wave of renewable energy projects across National Trust estates, propelling the esteemed conservation charity toward its ambitious net zero by 2030 target.

 Powering Conservation with Innovation

The heart of this initiative beats strong with a commitment to harnessing the power of nature through cutting-edge solar and hydropower projects. The National Trust, a venerable institution in the realm of conservation, has long championed the fight against climate change. Through meticulous stewardship of lands that sequester carbon and the transition away from fossil fuels, the Trust has been a beacon of hope and action. With over 140 renewable projects completed in the past decade, this new influx of funds promises to accelerate their green energy journey.

 A United Front Against Fossil Fuels

This landmark investment aligns with the unveiling of the Legal & General Future World ESG Developed Fossil Fuel Exclusions Index Fund. Crafted in harmony with the National Trust, this fund represents a bold leap forward in ethical investing. Its strategy is clear: to diminish investors’ exposure to fossil fuel entities and high-carbon emitters, paving the way for sustainable, long-term financial growth.

 Energizing the Future

Dabinder Hutchinson, the National Trust’s Director of Finance, encapsulated the enthusiasm surrounding this partnership. The Trust’s commitment to decarbonizing its estate and embracing renewable energy is not just a mission; it’s a necessity. Hutchinson’s vision extends beyond the Trust’s own goals, aiming to catalyze a global shift towards net zero. This initiative serves as a beacon, guiding other sectors towards greener investment solutions.

 A Partnership with Purpose

Steve Bolton, LGIM’s Head of Corporate Private Debt, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the synergy between LGIM and the National Trust. This investment is more than financial; it’s a testament to the power of collaborative effort in fostering societal and environmental well-being. Bolton’s remarks underscore the shared history and values that underpin this venture, showcasing a model for how charitable funds can drive significant, positive change.


The alliance between LGIM and the National Trust is a monumental step forward in the quest for a more sustainable future. By investing in renewable energy, this partnership not only accelerates the path to net zero but also sets a precedent for responsible, impactful investing. As the National Trust embarks on this next phase of its renewable journey, the support from LGIM underscores a shared commitment to preserving our planet for generations to come. Together, they illuminate the path towards a greener, more sustainable world.






Credits: [Image: National Trust/Catherine Hayburn]


AlphaReal Shines Bright: Securing A 40MW Solar Powerhouse In The UK


 Illuminating the Future: AlphaReal’s Pioneering 40MW Solar Plant Acquisition in Shropshire

In a move that marks a significant milestone in the UK’s renewable energy landscape, investment titan AlphaReal has announced its latest triumph: the acquisition of the Bubney Energy Centre Limited, a 40MW solar plant that’s just begun shining in Shropshire. This deal not only showcases AlphaReal’s commitment to bolstering its green energy credentials but also positions the company at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution.

 A Glimpse into the Future with Bubney Energy Centre Limited

Nestled in the heart of Shropshire, the Bubney Energy Centre Limited stands as the crown jewel in AlphaReal’s renewable energy portfolio. This ground-mounted solar behemoth is more than just an asset; it’s a testament to AlphaReal’s visionary approach to sustainable investment. The acquisition journey was a complex tapestry woven with meticulous consultations on engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), operations, maintenance (O&M), and asset management (AM) contracts, underscoring the multifaceted nature of such groundbreaking ventures.

 The Synergy of Experience and Innovation

Raza Ali, the astute Investment Director of Renewable Infrastructure at AlphaReal, shared insights into the unique nature of the deal, highlighting the blend of greenfield and brownfield elements that made the acquisition a fascinating challenge. With over a decade of experience navigating the renewable sector’s ebbs and flows, Ali and his team have once again proven their prowess, seamlessly integrating the Bubney Energy Centre into AlphaReal’s impressive £1bn portfolio of renewable energy assets.

 A Resounding Vote for Renewable Energy

AlphaReal’s acquisition comes at a time when the UK’s pension funds and insurers are increasingly turning their gaze towards renewable energy. A recent survey commissioned by AlphaReal unveils a staggering 90% of these institutions plan to up their renewable energy game in the coming year. Ground-mount solar energy, in particular, has caught the fancy of over half of the respondents, with a significant majority poised to boost their allocations substantially over the next five years.

 AlphaReal: Leading the Charge in the UK’s Green Energy Transition

Phillip Rose, AlphaReal’s CEO, encapsulated the sentiment driving this surge towards renewables. With institutional asset owners keen on enlarging their renewable portfolio, solar energy emerges as a prime candidate, teeming with potential. Rose’s enthusiasm about elevating AlphaReal’s stake in solar energy resonates with a broader ambition to catalyze the UK’s transition to a greener future.


AlphaReal’s acquisition of the Bubney Energy Centre Limited is not just a transaction; it’s a declaration of the company’s unyielding belief in renewable energy’s pivotal role in shaping a sustainable world. As AlphaReal continues to expand its solar empire, it stands as a beacon of innovation, guiding the UK towards a brighter, greener tomorrow.







Credits: [Image: Unsplash/Chelsea]


Transatlantic Green Leap: European Energy Inks Port Lease For Pioneering US Power-To-X Plant!


A New Era of Green Energy: European Energy’s Game-Changing E-Methanol Plant in Texas

In a landmark move that propels the global green energy transition forward, European Energy has inked a monumental 50-year lease agreement with the Port of Victoria in Texas, USA. This agreement paves the way for a state-of-the-art Power-to-X (PtX) plant, set to redefine renewable energy production.

European Energy is poised to develop an e-methanol facility at this strategic location, with an impressive production capacity of around 100,000 tons of e-methanol annually. This facility is more than just an industrial site; it’s an embodiment of innovation. By harnessing solar and wind-generated electricity, the plant will produce green hydrogen. This hydrogen, combined with biogenic carbon dioxide, will be synthesized on-site to create e-methanol, a fuel of the future.

The impact of this PtX project extends far beyond energy production. During its construction phase, the project is expected to generate more than 200 jobs, with an additional 60 ongoing local jobs post-completion.

European Energy isn’t new to breaking records. The company is on the brink of completing the world’s largest e-methanol facility at the Kasso facility in Denmark, capable of producing 32,000 tons/year of e-methanol. Giants like AP Moller Maersk, Novo Nordisk, and the LEGO Group are already lined up as off-takers for this e-methanol, underscoring the demand for sustainable energy solutions.

Lorena Ciciriello, CEO of EE North America, articulates the vision behind choosing Port of Victoria: “The Port of Victoria’s vast international waterways, cutting-edge rail infrastructure, and its central location align seamlessly with our commitment to lead in the global green energy transition.”

She adds, “It’s not just a location; it’s a dynamic space where our project can catalyze a significant impact on the world’s green energy landscape.”

This agreement is not just a milestone for European Energy but a testament to the company’s philosophy: bringing tomorrow’s energy today.

Sean Stibich, Executive Director at the Port, shares his enthusiasm: “The green energy revolution is gaining momentum at the Port. Our local leadership and community support have ensured we have the necessary infrastructure in place.”

European Energy and the Port of Victoria are not just creating jobs; they are cultivating a cleaner, brighter energy future for the region and the world.

Highlights for the Green-Thumbed Reader

  • Global Green Pioneers: European Energy sets a benchmark in sustainable energy with its new PtX plant in Texas.
  • Economic and Environmental Synergy: The project promises significant job creation while advancing the green energy agenda.
  • Future-Forward Fuel: E-Methanol from this plant represents the next step in renewable energy resources.






Credits: [Image: European Energy]


Power Boost: Alfen Delivers A Massive 20MW Battery To Supercharge Swedish Wind Farm!


Energizing Renewables: Alfen and Vasa Vind Unite for a Sustainable Swedish Powerhouse

In a groundbreaking partnership destined to reshape Sweden’s renewable energy landscape, Alfen has signed a pivotal agreement with Vasa Vind. This collaboration marks the debut of Alfen’s first battery energy storage system (BESS) co-located at a Swedish wind farm, setting the stage for a greener, more resilient power grid.

By the end of 2024, Alfen will not only design and engineer but also install and commission an impressive 20MW battery energy storage system. This isn’t just any battery; it’s a game-changer that will be connected to one of Vasa Vind’s wind farms, promising a future of sustainable energy. Alfen’s commitment goes beyond installation – they’ll also be providing ongoing service to this powerhouse of a battery.

Once operational, this energy storage system will link up seamlessly with the company’s wind farms in Stromsund. This integration is more than a technical feat; it’s a strategic move to enhance both local and national power grid stability and flexibility. The BESS will play a crucial role in Sweden’s ancillary services market, including Fast Frequency Reserve (FFR), revolutionizing how energy is stored and utilized.

But there’s a unique twist to Alfen’s system – its ability to “black start” the wind farm. In the event of a power outage or grid failure, the wind farm can spring back to life using energy from Alfen’s energy storage system. This capability is not just impressive; it’s a lifeline in critical situations.

Stephanie Schockaert, Commercial Director for Alfen’s Energy Storage Systems business, encapsulates the excitement of this venture: “We’re excited to partner with Vasa Vind to install our first battery energy storage system co-located at a wind farm in Sweden and continue to help our customers meet the growing demand for renewable energy.”

Alfen’s expertise in grid management and its diverse portfolio of solutions are set to empower Vasa Vind and the Swedish ancillary services market. This partnership is more than just a collaboration; it’s a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the heart of Sweden’s renewable energy sector.

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Credits: [Image: Alfen]


Green Energy Milestone: Lhyfe And EDPR Ink Groundbreaking Solar PPA Deal In Germany!


Powering a Green Future: Lhyfe and EDPR’s Bold Leap into Sustainable Energy in Germany

In an exhilarating move towards a cleaner, greener future, Lhyfe and EDP Renewables (EDPR) have struck a game-changing deal. They’ve inked a renewable electricity supply contract, where Lhyfe will be harnessing the power from EDPR’s formidable 55MW solar farm in Germany. This isn’t just any solar farm; it’s a beacon of sustainability, developed through the expertise of Kronos Solar EDPR, and is set to light up the grid in 2025.

This Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a critical piece of the industrial agreement puzzle between these two renewable energy titans. The deal ensures that EDPR will be the powerhouse behind Lhyfe’s innovative hydrogen generation projects. For Lhyfe, this is a strategic move, securing a steady flow of renewable energy for its upcoming green hydrogen production sites in Germany.

But wait, there’s more! In the eco-friendly regions of Baden-Wurttemberg and Lower Saxony, Lhyfe is constructing two production units. These aren’t just any units; they represent a colossal combined production capacity of 8 tonnes of green, renewable hydrogen per day. This hydrogen isn’t just for show – it’s set to fuel local mobility and industrial processes, marking a significant stride in sustainable development.

Lhyfe and EDPR aren’t stopping there. They’re on a mission to identify co-development opportunities for projects that target some of the most challenging sectors to decarbonize – sectors where electrification alone doesn’t cut it.

This collaboration is more than a contract; it’s a commitment to a sustainable, electrified future. It’s about powering tomorrow’s world with the clean energy of today, and Lhyfe and EDPR are leading the charge.

Key Points to Spark Conversations

  • Sustainable Partnership: Lhyfe and EDPR are teaming up to transform renewable energy into green hydrogen.
  • Innovative Approach: They’re targeting sectors where traditional electrification isn’t possible, pushing the boundaries of green technology.
  • Local Impact: The green hydrogen produced will energize local mobility and industrial processes, showing the world how sustainability can be embedded in our daily lives.







Credits: [Image: EDPR]