Lightsource BP Unveils Major Move: Sells Massive 294MW Solar Portfolio In Italy


 Lightsource BP Energizes Italy: A 294MW Solar Sale Sparks New Growth

In a landmark move that’s electrifying Italy’s renewable landscape, Lightsource BP has orchestrated the sale of six avant-garde solar greenfield projects to the esteemed asset manager, EOS Investment Management Group (EOS IM). This impressive portfolio, boasting a combined capacity of 294MW, marks a pivotal step in Italy’s green energy journey, with projects either greenlit or nearing the final development phase and construction anticipated to kick off within the next year.

 A Strategic Shift for Sustainable Expansion

This savvy transaction isn’t just about changing hands; it’s a strategic play by Lightsource BP to reinvest and broaden its horizons in the vibrant Italian market. With a dedicated team of 30 local experts, Lightsource BP is not slowing down—it’s charging ahead with over 1GW of mature solar project opportunities and a burgeoning energy storage pipeline. This move is a testament to Lightsource BP’s commitment to fostering renewable energy growth and sustainability in Italy.

 EOS IM: A Beacon of Clean Energy Investment

For EOS IM, this acquisition is more than a portfolio expansion; it’s a bold statement of its standing as a powerhouse in Italy’s independent clean energy investment sphere. The portfolio isn’t just about generating green power; it embodies innovation and sustainability, featuring agri-photovoltaic (agri-PV) projects. These initiatives seamlessly blend renewable energy production with agriculture, hosting sheep grazing, honey production, and the cultivation of olives, pistachios, oranges, and other local crops. This dual-purpose approach not only generates clean electricity but also champions biodiversity.

 A Vision for Renewable Resilience

Giovanni Mascari, Lightsource BP’s country head for Italy, highlights the growing demand for homegrown, secure, and renewable electricity. This deal is a lever for growth, enabling Lightsource BP to reinvest and scale its contribution to the energy transition. Mascari’s vision extends beyond the projects themselves, eyeing the broader impact on the energy landscape and local economies.

 EOS IM’s Clean Energy Milestone

Natalino Mongillo, managing partner at EOS IM, views this acquisition as a cornerstone for EOS IM’s second clean energy infrastructure fund. Elevating the fund’s capacity to over 370MW of assets and bolstering a project pipeline poised to add 600MW, Mongillo underscores the significance of this move in reinforcing EOS IM’s dynamic role in Italy’s energy transition.

 The Future is Bright

This strategic transaction between Lightsource BP and EOS IM is more than a business deal; it’s a forward-thinking partnership poised to accelerate Italy’s transition to renewable energy. With Lightsource BP’s innovative projects and EOS IM’s investment acumen, this collaboration is set to spark a brighter, greener future for Italy, showcasing the power of synergy in advancing sustainable energy solutions and economic growth.






Credits: [Image: Lightsource BP]

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