Cubico Expands Empire: Snags Two Major Mexican Energy Giants In Strategic Acquisition


 Cubico’s Strategic Leap: Powering Mexico’s Clean Energy Future with a 2.2GW Portfolio

Cubico Sustainable Investments has made an electrifying move, completing two landmark transactions that significantly bolster its development portfolio in Mexico to a staggering 1,600MW. This strategic expansion, through the acquisition of Renantis Mexico and a pivotal agreement with Sowitec Group, not only enlarges Cubico’s footprint but also diversifies its offerings with at least 12 solar and hybrid projects sprawling across seven states.

 A New Era of Energy in Mexico

With these acquisitions, Cubico’s total Mexican portfolio now illuminates the energy landscape with 2.2GW, including three operational jewels: Mezquite and Solem 1 and 2. This growth is not just in numbers; it represents a meaningful stride towards sustainability in regions like the Yucatan peninsula. Here, the reliance on fossil fuel electricity generation, burgeoning energy demand due to nearshoring, and the challenge of supply reliability converge to create a ripe environment for clean energy initiatives.

 Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Cubico stands at the forefront of this transformation, identifying and capitalizing on unique opportunities to pivot the energy paradigm towards renewables. The new additions to Cubico’s portfolio are strategically located to address the pressing needs of these areas, promising a future where clean energy is not just an option but a primary source of power.

 A Vision for Green and Growth

Osvaldo Rance, Cubico’s Country Head for Mexico, encapsulates the essence of this monumental achievement: “We are delighted to announce the completion of these two transactions which reinforce our commitment to delivering projects that will contribute to both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and driving Mexico’s future economic growth.”

This vision is not limited to the horizon; it’s about laying the groundwork for a sustainable energy infrastructure that meets the burgeoning demand for clean power. With an eye towards the future, Cubico is not just seeking to fill the gap but is actively exploring partnerships with both public and private offtakers to ensure that the benefits of renewable energy are widely distributed and deeply integrated.

 Charting the Course for Clean Energy

Cubico’s expansion in Mexico is more than a strategic business move; it’s a testament to the company’s dedication to fostering a cleaner, greener world. By enhancing its portfolio with a mix of solar and hybrid projects, Cubico is not just contributing to reducing carbon footprints but also championing economic growth through sustainable means. As Mexico stands on the cusp of an energy revolution, Cubico’s initiatives are illuminating the path towards a future where clean energy is the cornerstone of growth and sustainability.






Credits: [Image: Cubico]

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