Shining Bright In Finland: Fotowatio Ventures Into PV Market

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) Enters Finnish Market with Ambitious 600MW Solar Pipeline

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV), a subsidiary of Jameel Energy, has announced a significant expansion into the Finnish market in collaboration with local operator Will & Must. Together, they aim to develop an impressive 600MW solar pipeline, a project set to reach the “ready to build” phase between 2024 and 2026.

This venture marks FRV’s first foray into the Nordic countries, underscoring the company’s dedication to a sustainable future. By partnering with industry experts like Will & Must, FRV is poised to bring its vast experience and expertise to Finland. This move follows FRV’s recent entry into the German market, where it aims to power 800,000 homes with solar energy.

Andrea Fontana, FRV Europe Managing Director, expressed enthusiasm about the project: “We are delighted to offer our international experience and expertise in promising new markets like Finland. This is one of the most promising markets for renewable energy, and we are convinced that our offerings will be in high demand.”

The founding team of Will & Must, including Matti Parpala, Mikke Vepsäläinen, and Anssi Voipio, shared their excitement: “We eagerly anticipate reducing Finland’s emissions and accelerating the green transition with FRV. Their extensive experience in large-scale projects will be invaluable to the Finnish photovoltaic market. We aim to demonstrate the benefits to local landowners and communities, ensuring social acceptance and efficient project construction.”

The Nordic countries are increasingly embracing photovoltaics and solar power, complementing their existing wind-driven energy systems. Finland, in particular, offers abundant land, favorable solar irradiation conditions, extended daylight hours during summer, and the reflective properties of snow, which enhances solar efficiency. Additionally, photovoltaic cells perform better in colder environments, making Finland an ideal location for solar energy projects.

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Iberdrola Expands Green Footprint With New Italian PPA

Iberdrola and Bayer Join Forces for Renewable Energy with a 11-Year Solar PPA in Italy

Iberdrola and pharmaceutical giant Bayer have entered into a landmark agreement to offtake renewable energy from an off-site solar power purchase agreement (PPA) in Italy. Starting in January 2025, this 11-year deal will provide a total of 33GWh of clean energy, underscoring both companies’ commitment to environmental sustainability.

Bayer’s Garbagnate Milanese site will exclusively utilize electricity from renewable sources, a move that aligns with the company’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint. The solar energy will be sourced from Iberdrola’s Montefiascone photovoltaic plant in Lazio, which boasts a total installed capacity of 7MW and represents Iberdrola’s second such project in Italy.

Vincent Curtin, CEO of Bayer’s Garbagnate Milanese site, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “This collaboration with Iberdrola allows us to harness renewable energy, significantly cutting the environmental impact of our operations. It is a testament to Bayer’s unwavering commitment to global carbon reduction targets as outlined by the United Nations and the Paris Agreement.”

With the addition of the Montefiascone plant and other authorized photovoltaic projects in Italy, Iberdrola is on track to achieve an impressive operational capacity of 400MW in the country by 2025.

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UK Solar Industry Safeguards Food Security

Solar Energy UK has assured that the photovoltaic (PV) industry poses no threat to food security, following a written Ministerial Statement by Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho reiterating government policy.

Chris Hewett, chief executive of Solar Energy UK, emphasized, “Solar farms occupy a tiny fraction of the country, and this will remain true even in 2035, when we aim to quadruple our current solar capacity. They pose no threat to food security; in fact, they combat the primary threat—climate change, as identified by Defra. Without solar farms, many traditional farming businesses would have collapsed due to the lack of reliable income.”

Coutinho’s statement clarified that “applicants should, where possible, utilize suitable previously developed land, brownfield land, contaminated land, and industrial land.” This came amidst media reports suggesting a crackdown on solar projects. However, the REA pointed out that Coutinho’s comments did not introduce any significant policy changes.

Coutinho added, “For necessary use of agricultural land, poorer quality land should be preferred over higher quality land, avoiding ‘Best and Most Versatile’ agricultural land where possible.” The government also plans to support independent certification of soil quality assessments to avoid disputes over planning guidelines.

Dr. Nina Skorupska CBE, chief executive of the REA, stressed the importance of solar energy in achieving Net Zero. “We need all available tools and technologies to reach Net Zero. Solar is highly popular with the public and the existing planning guidance already protects productive land. Restricting solar development would jeopardize jobs, investment, and the UK’s ability to meet its 2035 net zero power system goal, leaving us reliant on costly fossil fuels.”

The REA called on the Government to publish their Solar Roadmap promptly, outlining the path to achieving the essential 70GW solar PV deployment target.

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Collaborators Launch Demonstration Of Floating Solar System In Japan

Breaking Waves: Japan’s First Floating Solar Project Sets Sail in Tokyo Bay

In an exciting collaboration, Tokyu Land Corporation and SolarDuck, alongside Kyocera Communication Systems Corporation, have unveiled Japan’s maiden floating solar project. Nestled in the scenic Tokyo Bay area, this innovative power plant is poised to revolutionize renewable energy in the region.

Bolstered by the support of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, this demonstration project marks a significant leap forward in sustainable technology. SolarDuck, in partnership with Everblue Technologies, earned acclaim in November 2022 for their pioneering work in “cutting-edge renewable energy,” laying the groundwork for this groundbreaking initiative.

Throughout 2024, these visionary companies will showcase the capabilities of floating solar power generation, energy storage in ground-based batteries, and efficient transportation of stored energy. The renewable energy harnessed will power Open Street Corporation’s fleet of electric mobility vehicles and propel an electric boat through Tokyo’s azure waters.

Looking ahead, plans are underway to leverage this renewable energy source for upcoming events in the vibrant Takeshiba area, further cementing Tokyo’s commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. Stay tuned as Japan sets sail towards a brighter, cleaner energy landscape! ⚓🌞 #FloatingSolar #TokyoBayRenewables #InnovationAtASea








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Voltalia Breaks Ground On 126MW Solar Project In Uzbekistan

               Voltalia is igniting a renewable revolution in Uzbekistan as it breaks ground on its groundbreaking 126MW solar and battery project, Sarimay. Set to illuminate the nation’s energy landscape, Sarimay is poised for commissioning in the latter half of 2025. But Voltalia’s ambitions don’t stop there. With two new strategic partnerships inked, the Sarimay project will now boast a 50MW battery, enhancing its energy storage capabilities. Meanwhile, a mammoth 500MW Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is on the horizon, promising to power Uzbekistan’s future with sustainable vigor. This power-packed endeavor stems from a momentous 25-year power purchase contract secured in 2022 through an IFC-managed tender, under the World Bank’s umbrella. To fuel this transformative vision, Voltalia has teamed up with heavyweight financiers like the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency.

               Nestled within the vibrant Khorezm region, the solar power plant is just the beginning of a multi-energy saga. Plans for a 50MW battery storage unit are swiftly materializing, set to kick off construction in 2024. Additionally, whispers of a future 100MW wind farm are surfacing, hinting at a holistic energy ecosystem in the making. Bolstering its commitment, Voltalia recently penned a monumental memorandum of understanding at the Tashkent International Investment Forum. This landmark agreement paves the way for a colossal 500MW battery storage complex, backed by a steadfast long-term sales contract. The tripartite alliance between the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade (MIFT), and Voltalia is a testament to their collective vision: propelling Uzbekistan’s renewable prowess forward while ensuring grid stability and sustainability.

               Voltalia’s CEO, Sebastien Clerc, encapsulates the spirit of this transformative journey: “Our strides in Sarimay and the visionary storage complex underscore our unwavering dedication to Uzbekistan’s energy evolution. These initiatives epitomize our mission to spearhead innovative solutions that catalyze decarbonization and energize the nation’s future.” 💡🌍 #VoltaliaInUzbekistan #RenewableEnergyRevolution








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UK’s Power Play: Unraveling The 480MW PV Behemoth Examined By Planners

Unlocking the Power of Solar: Inside the West Burton Project’s Journey to Approval 🌞💡

The UK Planning Inspectorate has wrapped up its scrutiny of Island Green Power’s ambitious 480MW West Burton solar project, marking a significant milestone in the renewable energy landscape.

Now, all eyes turn to the next chapter as planners craft their recommendation report, slated to land on DESNZ Secretary Claire Coutinho’s desk by 8 August. Coutinho will then wield her decision-making power over the proposed PV project within the next three months.

This journey hasn’t been without its twists and turns. Last year, timetable congestion put the brakes on the examination of large solar projects, causing a delay in the process. However, perseverance prevailed as the examination resumed in November after a temporary halt in September.

The proposed project, poised to span three strategic sites near the Nottingham-Lincolnshire border, holds the promise of linking to a vital substation at the former West Burton coal-fired power station.

As we await the final verdict, the West Burton Project stands as a beacon of hope for clean energy enthusiasts and a testament to the ongoing push towards a sustainable future. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking venture! 🌍✨ #WestBurtonProject #SolarPower #RenewableEnergy








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Ilmatar’s Solar Triumph: Advancing 450MW Swedish Project To New Heights

Ilmatar’s Solar Revolution: Applying for a Brighter Future at Tönnersjö

In a bold move towards sustainability, Ilmatar has set its sights on the 450MW Tönnersjö solar farm, a game-changer spanning 450 hectares in Sweden’s picturesque County of Halland.

🌞 Planting the Seeds: The journey began in 2022 with meticulous planning and a visionary land lease agreement with Silvestica Green Forest. Now, after rigorous assessments and consultations, the environmental permit application marks a significant step forward for this monumental project.

🌿 Eco-Friendly Powerhouse: Ilmatar’s commitment to environmentally conscious energy is evident in every aspect of the Tönnersjö project. By strategically locating solar panels in production forests, the focus remains on minimal ecological impact while maximizing renewable energy output.

🚀 Milestone Achievement: Surpassing 1GW in project applications is no small feat, and Ilmatar’s dedication to Sweden’s renewable energy landscape is unmatched. The direct connection to the national grid will amplify energy production where it’s needed most, driving progress in SE4’s electricity area.

💡 Shaping Tomorrow: Robert Wedmo’s vision of a sustainable energy future is palpable. “Solar power’s rapid growth is transforming how we generate electricity,” he states, highlighting Ilmatar’s pivotal role in this evolution.

🌍 Green Innovators: Ilmatar’s approach isn’t just about power; it’s about pioneering a new era in renewable energy. With over 6GW in the pipeline, their focus on areas with minimal ecological impact showcases a commitment to sustainability that’s truly groundbreaking.

As Christian Gustafsson aptly puts it, “We are ready for substantial development, awaiting only permits and grid connections.” The Tönnersjö solar farm is not just a project; it’s a beacon of hope for a greener, brighter tomorrow. #SolarRevolution #SustainableEnergy #Innovation








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Clean Energy Manufacturing Soars To $200 Billion Investment Milestone

Powering Up: Global Clean Energy Manufacturing Surges with $200 Billion Investment Boost

The International Energy Agency’s latest report is painting a vibrant picture of the clean energy revolution, with investments in solar, batteries, and more driving a wave of economic growth worldwide.

🌞 Solar Soars: In 2023, spending on solar module manufacturing doubled, catapulting us toward 2030’s clean energy goals faster than anticipated. The sun isn’t just shining in the sky; it’s powering our economies and propelling us towards a greener future.

🔋 Battery Boom: Not to be outdone, battery manufacturing saw a 60% increase in investment, setting the stage for a surge in energy storage solutions. With projects already in the pipeline, we’re on track to meet net-zero demands sooner than expected.

🌍 Global Momentum: While China leads in clean energy manufacturing, the report predicts a shift, with Europe and the United States poised to capture significant market shares by 2030. This global spread promises a more resilient and diverse clean energy landscape.

🚀 Policy Power: The report highlights the critical role of policymakers in shaping the future of clean energy manufacturing. With strategic industrial strategies, we can bridge production cost gaps and make clean energy accessible to all.

As IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol puts it, “Record output from solar PV and battery plants is propelling clean energy transitions – and the strong investment pipeline in new facilities and factory expansions is set to add further momentum in the years ahead.”

The journey to a sustainable future is accelerating, fueled by innovation, investment, and a shared commitment to a cleaner planet. Let’s harness this momentum and power up for a brighter tomorrow! #CleanEnergyRevolution #SustainableEconomy #GreenTechInnovation








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Better Energy Secures Solar PPA in Sweden

Empowering Sustainability: Better Energy and Scan Global Logistics Light Up Sweden with New Solar Partnership

Get ready for a brighter, greener future as Better Energy and Scan Global Logistics join forces in a groundbreaking PPA to harness renewable energy from a Swedish solar site near Studsvik.

🌞 Illuminating Progress: This partnership isn’t just about energy; it’s about driving the green transition forward. By tapping into the new solar park’s 25GWh annual capacity, we’re lighting up over 4,000 Swedish homes with clean, renewable electricity!

🌍 Global Impact: Scan Global Logistics’ commitment to sustainability extends beyond borders, with this PPA marking their second collaboration with Better Energy. Together, we’re making a tangible difference in Denmark and now in Sweden, leading by example in the quest for a greener planet.

🏢 Sustainable Solutions: Martin Andersen, Scan Global Logistics’ global head of sustainability & ESG, highlights the significance of this partnership in their sustainability strategy. “Sourcing renewable energy for our Swedish facilities is pivotal in our green journey,” he emphasizes.

🔆 Powering Partnerships: Mikkel Thorup from Better Energy echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of offering practical and attractive green energy solutions. “Our partnership’s expansion into Sweden signifies the growing demand for sustainable electricity solutions,” he adds.

The future looks brighter with each renewable watt generated, each partnership forged, and each step taken towards a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow. Join us as we pave the way for a world powered by green energy! #RenewablePartnership #GreenEnergyRevolution #SustainableSweden








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Power Surge: Ingeteam Secures Massive 380MW Oz PV Order

Ingeteam and Acciona Energía’s Thrilling Partnership Unveiled at the Aldoga Solar Farm

               Get ready to witness a monumental leap towards sustainability as Ingeteam joins forces with Acciona Energía for the Aldoga Solar Farm project in Australia. This collaboration isn’t just about technology; it’s about creating a greener future and driving innovation to new heights!

🌞 Revolutionizing Renewable Energy: The Aldoga Solar Farm, nestled along the Central Queensland Coast, isn’t just another solar project. It’s a beacon of progress, set to generate clean electricity for nearly 185,000 households and slash CO2 emissions by over 930,000 tonnes annually!

💼 Creating Opportunities: The construction of this solar gem isn’t just about harnessing solar power; it’s about creating jobs. With around 350 positions during the 18-month construction phase, this project is powering not just homes but livelihoods too!

🚀 Fueling Decarbonisation: This partnership isn’t just about today; it’s about shaping tomorrow. With a 15-year PPA with Stanwell Corporation and plans to fuel the Central Queensland Hydrogen project, the Aldoga Solar Farm is a crucial player in Australia’s decarbonisation journey.

🌍 Global Impact: Ingeteam’s cutting-edge technology, including the INGECON SUN 3Power C series central PV inverters, isn’t just raising the bar in Australia; it’s setting a global standard for solar innovation!

🔗 Unbreakable Bonds: This new contract is more than just business; it’s a testament to the strong alliance between Ingeteam and Acciona Energía, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability and technological excellence.

As Jesús Echarte, Ingeteam’s commercial director, aptly puts it, “Australia’s decarbonisation journey is our mission, and we’re proud to lead the charge with our expertise and solutions.”

Join us as we embark on a journey of transformation, where every watt counts, every job matters, and every innovation propels us closer to a greener, brighter future! #RenewableRevolution #SustainableFuture #InnovationUnleashed








Credit: [Image: Acciona Energia]