ABO Energy Secures Green Light For Revolutionary Battery Projects In Northern Ireland!

ABO Energy Secures Approval for Groundbreaking 335MW Battery Projects in Northern Ireland!

ABO Energy has achieved a major milestone by securing planning approval for two significant battery energy storage schemes in Northern Ireland, with a combined capacity of 335MW/670MWh. These innovative projects are set to revolutionize the region’s energy landscape and play a crucial role in the transition to renewable electricity.

🔋 Enhancing Grid Flexibility:
These battery energy storage systems (BESS) will enhance the flexibility of the transmission grid, facilitating greater integration of renewable electricity. By storing power during off-peak times and delivering it when needed, these projects will ensure a reliable and resilient energy supply for homes and businesses across Northern Ireland.

🌿 Supporting Renewable Targets:
Energy storage is a key requirement for Northern Ireland to meet its ambitious renewable electricity consumption target of at least 80% by 2030, as outlined in the Climate Change Act. The Magherafelt Battery Energy Storage Scheme in Mid Ulster, with a capacity of 195MW/390MWh, and the Coolkeeragh Battery Energy Storage System in Foyle Port, providing 140MW/280MWh of storage, are strategically positioned to support this goal.

💡 Driving Economic Growth:
With a combined investment value exceeding £100 million, these projects will not only contribute to the energy transition but also provide a significant economic boost to the local economy. ABO Energy’s plans to develop £8 billion worth of schemes across the UK highlight their commitment to advancing modern, green infrastructure.

🌟 Leadership and Collaboration:
Patricia McGrath, ABO Energy’s Head of Project Development in Northern Ireland, expressed her gratitude: “Northern Ireland has huge potential to reduce its reliance on imported and expensive fossil fuels, but achieving that goal requires modern, green infrastructure. These projects, located at strategic points in the transmission network, will play a vital role in achieving the region’s renewable electricity target.”

She added, “I would like to thank our specialist teams in Northern Ireland and Germany for their efforts to bring the projects to this point. We are also appreciative of the professional approach taken by both Mid Ulster and Derry City and Strabane District Councils, who clearly recognize the urgent need to support Northern Ireland’s energy transition.”

🔗 Join the Renewable Revolution:
Stay tuned for more updates on these transformative projects and how they will shape the future of energy in Northern Ireland.

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NTR Powers Up Europe With Whopping 269MW Of Renewable Energy

NTR Flips the Switch on Green Energy Across Europe: 269MW of Renewable Power Now Online!  🇪🇺

Exciting news for the future of clean energy! NTR has successfully kicked off operations at eight brand new renewable energy sites across five European countries. This translates to a whopping 269MW of new wind and solar capacity, bringing us closer to a sustainable future.

NTR CEO Rosheen McGuckian expressed her pride in this achievement, acknowledging the complexity of coordinating projects across five nations. She highlighted the dedication of their teams who are “pivotal” in driving Europe’s clean energy transition.

Here’s a closer look at some of the impressive projects:

  • Murley Wind Farm (Northern Ireland): This 6-turbine wind farm boasts a capacity of 21.6MW and has a power purchase agreement with Almac Group.
  • Ockendon Solar Project (England): This innovative 58.8MW solar farm sits on a repurposed landfill site in Essex, maximizing land use.
  • Gorey & Macallian Solar Farms (Ireland): These two Wexford-based solar arrays combine for a 22.1MW capacity and have a power purchase agreement with AIB Group.
  • Pajuperankangas Wind Farm (Finland): Following a successful acquisition, this wind farm is now generating 86.8MW of clean energy.
  • Ferme Eolienne Cruscades et Canet (France): This 6-turbine onshore wind farm near Narbonne contributes 13.4MW to the grid.
  • Colomera & Pinos Solar Farm (Spain): This 45.72MW solar farm in Granada has a power purchase agreement with packaging producer Huhtamaki.
  • Poblete Solar Farm (Spain): Located in Castile-La Mancha, this 20.7MW solar farm has a power purchase deal with electric services company Holaluz.

With these new projects online, NTR is not only delivering clean energy but also creating jobs and fostering a more sustainable future for Europe.

🌟 Driving the Clean Energy Future: This expansion demonstrates NTR’s dedication to sustainable energy and their pivotal role in Europe’s renewable energy landscape. These projects not only contribute significantly to local and national energy needs but also showcase innovative solutions for land use and energy generation.

🚀 Join the Renewable Revolution! 🚀

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Stay tuned for more updates on NTR’s exciting clean energy journey!







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NHOA Energy Scores Big In Scotland With New Battery Delivery

⚡ NHOA Energy and Statkraft Partner to Propel Energy Transition with New Battery Storage Project in Scotland! ⚡

Exciting news from the renewable energy sector! NHOA Energy has signed an agreement with Statkraft to supply a state-of-the-art battery storage project in Coylton, Scotland. This collaboration includes servicing the 130MWh asset once it becomes operational.

📈 Project Highlights:

  • Third UK Venture: Following two ongoing projects with a combined capacity of 130MWh, the Coylton Greener Grid Park is NHOA Energy’s third significant entry into the UK’s battery storage market.
  • Innovative Functions: The Coylton Greener Grid Park will deliver essential grid-forming, synthetic inertia, and power quality functions.
  • Compliance and Stability: NHOA Energy’s battery storage solution meets the NOA Stability Pathfinder requirements promoted by National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO), aiming to enhance grid stability with short-circuit power and synthetic inertia.

🌍 Driving the Energy Transition: Lucie Kanius-Dujardin, Executive Vice President Global Markets of NHOA Energy, stated, “This new battery storage system in the region propels us to the forefront of the energy transition, leveraging the UK’s dynamic market and Statkraft’s expertise, clearly setting up together a benchmark for innovation and sustainability in the energy sector.”

Lucy Kent, Statkraft Principal Project Manager, Greener Grid Parks, added, “Our Coylton Greener Grid Park will help support the increased deployment of renewable energy into the grid and is another investment by Statkraft in the UK’s renewable energy infrastructure. Once operational, Coylton Greener Grid Park will further cement Statkraft’s role in contributing to grid stability and ensuring a resilient, versatile energy system capable of meeting the demands of the future.”

🔋 Join the Energy Revolution! 🔋

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Europe Takes Charge With Solar Academy: Training The Next Generation Of Sun Experts

Sun Power Your Future: Europe Launches the Solar Academy!

☀️The European Commission has just launched the European Solar Academy, marking a significant milestone under the Net-Zero Industry Act (NZIA). This initiative aims to develop the workforce and skills necessary for advancing net-zero technologies across Europe.

📚 Key Objectives:

  • Workforce Development: The Solar Academy aims to train 100,000 workers in the solar sector over the next three years to bridge the current labor and skills gap.
  • Industry Collaboration: Following the successful model of the European Battery Academy, the Solar Academy will design learning content and programs in collaboration with industry and relevant stakeholders in the solar PV value chain.
  • Certification and Mobility: The Academy will develop learning credentials to certify acquired skills, enhancing workforce mobility across the Single Market.

👨‍🏫 Training and Implementation:

  • Local Partnerships: Programs will be deployed through local partners, including Vocational and Educational Training (VET) providers, businesses, universities, and other education and training providers.
  • Financial Support: The Commission is backing the launch with €9 million from the Single Market Programme. The project will be implemented by the European Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT) via its Knowledge and Innovation Community, EIT Innoenergy.

🌍 Supporting the European Green Deal and REPowerEU Plan: Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton stated, “Boosting solar PV manufacturing in Europe is vital for our energy security, competitiveness, and resilience. The launch of the Solar Academy demonstrates the Commission’s commitment to reducing emissions while creating quality jobs in the EU. This initiative will address the urgent skills gap in Europe’s solar PV sector, training a new generation of workers to meet our net-zero technology needs by 2030.”

Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson added, “Solar power is at the heart of our energy transition in Europe, with the potential to create thousands of jobs across our continent, at all stages of the industrial supply chain. The Net Zero Academy will help our European workers embrace this exciting opportunity and support us in meeting our ambitious REPowerEU goals.”

🚀 Join the Solar Revolution! 🚀

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UK Solar Powerhouse: 30MW Application Ready

RES Submits Application for 30MW Solar Project to Stafford Borough Council!

🌿 Exciting news from north-west England! RES has submitted an application to Stafford Borough Council for planning consent to develop a 30MW solar project near Leaford. If approved, this project promises a remarkable 74% net gain in biodiversity! 🌱

📍 Project Highlights:
Location: The site is situated between Stallington and Saverley Green.
Biodiversity Measures: RES plans to introduce wildflower meadows, native trees, over 2 km of new hedgerows, hedgehog houses, bee banks, and bird boxes. These initiatives will create vital resources for wildlife and significantly enhance the site’s biodiversity.
Energy Storage: The solar farm will include energy storage solutions, increasing the flexibility and generation potential of the site.
Community-Driven Design: The project layout has been carefully adjusted based on community feedback to reduce visibility from Fulford village and Saverley Green Road and to reposition the site entrance, preserving existing trees.
🌿 Environmental Commitment:
Claire Chamberlain, Development Project Manager for RES, emphasized the importance of prioritizing biodiversity. She highlighted the recent State of Nature Report, which revealed a 19% decline in average species abundance across the UK since 1970. Projects like Leaford Solar Farm are essential for reversing this trend and providing sustainable, low-cost renewable electricity. Claire also mentioned that the low-intensity nature of solar farms allows soil quality to regenerate, ensuring the availability of high-quality agricultural land for future generations.
👥 Community Engagement:
RES has undertaken detailed environmental and technical studies and made considerable design changes based on community consultation. The proposal has been significantly improved thanks to the valuable feedback from local residents.
🌍 Join Us in Supporting Renewable Energy and Biodiversity! 🌍
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Italian Renewables Boom! Cubico Secures 1 Gigawatt Of Projects

Cubico Sustainable Investments Surpasses 1GW in Italian Renewable Energy Projects
Cubico Sustainable Investments has hit a significant milestone, surpassing 1GW of renewable energy projects under development in Italy.
Expanding Horizons
In addition to an operational portfolio of nearly 50 projects with a total capacity exceeding 250MW, Cubico’s development pipeline now includes 28 projects, several of which are at advanced stages. 
Diverse and Comprehensive Portfolio
Spanning solar, wind, and battery energy storage systems (BESS), Cubico’s projects highlight the company’s commitment to building a diverse portfolio of clean energy assets across Italy. This broad geographical and technical footprint showcases their dedication to sustainability and innovation in the renewable energy sector. 
Upcoming Milestones
The first of these development projects is expected to reach ready-to-build status by early 2025. This milestone will further cement Cubico’s position as a leading developer, operator, and long-term owner of renewable energy assets in Italy. 
Leadership Insights
Alessandro Asperti, Country Head for Italy, expressed pride in reaching this milestone: 
“We’re incredibly proud of achieving this milestone in a relatively short space of time. Our success is testament to the expertise of our team and the strong partnerships we’ve built. We are committed to expanding our pipeline and team even further to achieve the ambitious development targets we have set ourselves, delivering clean energy projects that support Italy’s clean energy goals and bring significant benefits to local communities.” 
Cubico’s achievements not only reflect their dedication to renewable energy but also their contribution to Italy’s clean energy transition and local community benefits.
Stay tuned for more updates on Cubico’s journey as they continue to lead the way in sustainable energy development. #FutureOfEnergy #CubicoInvestments #GreenGrowth #EnergyDevelopment #EnergyTransition #CommunityBenefits







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BrightWind Takes Flight With New Open Data Platform For Wind & Solar

BrightWind Unveils BrightHub: Revolutionizing Wind and Solar Data Management
Irish company BrightWind has launched BrightHub, an innovative wind and solar resource data management platform designed to streamline operations in the renewables industry. 
Efficiency at Its Core
BrightHub aims to reduce the time and costs associated with managing wind and solar resource data by consolidating all necessary information into one user-friendly online platform. This groundbreaking system addresses the common issue of unstructured resource data, which often leaves wind analysts spending days to interpret. 
Supported by SEAI
The development of BrightHub was made possible by a €390,000 grant awarded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) in 2022.
Setting New Standards
BrightWind has pioneered a structured model for capturing all permutations for a mast, which became the foundation for the International Energy Agency (IEA) Wind Task 43 wind resource assessment (WRA) data model. This internationally recognized standard enables automated data analysis, making the use of AI in wind analysis a reality. 
Expert Insights
Stephen Holleran, BrightWind director, emphasized the importance of a standardized data format for automation: 
“When I started my journey with IEA Wind Task 43, the whole conversation revolved around leveraging machine learning and AI to automate wind analysis. I made the point that without a standard data format, none of that automation is possible. The development of the WRA Data Model, on which we built BrightHub, makes AI possible for wind analysis and represents a step change in how wind analysis will be done in the future.”
User-Friendly and Comprehensive
BrightHub not only provides a secure repository for proprietary data but also offers access to a growing number of publicly available datasets in the same standardized format. These datasets can be accessed via a GIS-style interface, making data retrieval quick and intuitive for analysts.
Shane Martin, another director at BrightWind, highlighted the platform’s user-centric approach: 
“BrightHub provides a repository for these configurations stored in the WRA Data Model format, allowing analysts immediate and frictionless access to the data in a meaningful way.”
Building on Past Success
This platform is a continuation of BrightWind’s commitment to digitalizing resource assessment, following their successful release of an open-source Python library for automating wind data analysis in 2019. 
Access BrightHub Today
Explore BrightHub at and find the BrightWind library documentation on GitHub at Supported by the SEAI Research, Development & Demonstration Funding Programme 2021, Grant number 21/RDD/606.

BrightHub is set to revolutionize the renewables industry, providing unparalleled access to structured, automated data analysis and setting new standards for efficiency and innovation. #EnergyTransition #SustainableFuture #RenewableEnergy #CleanTech #WindEnergy #SolarEnergy #DigitalTransformation #Python #OpenSource #BrightHub #BrightWind #EnergyInnovation #RenewableTech #AIInnovation #AI #MachineLearning #DataStandards #UserExperience #DataSolutions







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Le Couret Solar Project Moves Forward With Neoen PPA

Neoen Powers French Trains with Landmark Solar PPA! ☀️

Neoen, a leading developer of renewable energy projects, has signed a groundbreaking 25-year corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) with SNCF Energie. This historic deal marks several milestones:

  • Largest Solar PPA for SNCF: SNCF Energie, the energy supply arm of France’s national railway company (SNCF), will purchase all the electricity generated by Neoen’s 139MW Le Couret agrisolar park in Haute-Vienne, France. This makes Le Couret the largest solar park ever contracted by SNCF through a PPA.
  • Clean Energy for High-Speed Trains: The electricity produced by Le Couret will be enough to power the entire high-speed Paris-Marseille line annually, significantly reducing SNCF’s carbon footprint.
  • Sustainable Innovation: Agrivoltaic Pioneering This project showcases Neoen’s innovative agrisolar approach. The solar farm will coexist with sheep farming, utilizing 150 hectares for grazing and incorporating features like a farmhouse and sheepfold for the farmer. Two apprentices will even be trained in raising sheep within an agrivoltaic environment.

A Collaborative Effort for a Greener Future:

This agreement reflects the commitment of all parties involved:

  • Neoen: “We are proud to have pioneered agrisolar back in 2019,” says Neoen’s French development director, Guillaume Decaen. “The park will support farming while producing clean energy.”
  • SNCF Energie: “As France’s number one consumer of electricity, we have a duty to be exemplary,” states Olivier Menuet, President of SNCF Energie. “This PPA is a significant step towards our goal of using renewable energy sources.”
  • Shared Vision for Decarbonization: Both Neoen and SNCF see this partnership as a model for decarbonizing the transportation sector.

This landmark deal paves the way for a more sustainable future for French railways and sets an example for collaborative innovation in renewable energy.

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Microsoft Chooses Repsol For Sustainable Power In Spain

Repsol and Microsoft Power Up Spain with 230MW Renewable Energy Deal! ☀️🇪🇸

Repsol and Microsoft are expanding their clean energy partnership in Spain with the signing of six new virtual Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). This deal secures a total capacity of 230MW from a mix of wind and solar farms across the country.

Repsol and Microsoft have struck a significant deal to advance renewable energy in Spain. Here’s a breakdown of the agreement:

  • 230MW of Clean Power: Repsol will supply Microsoft with renewable energy from six new solar and wind farms in Spain, totaling 230MW of capacity.
  • Long-Term Commitment: These virtual Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) span 12 years, ensuring a stable supply of clean energy for Microsoft’s Spanish operations.
  • Building on a Strong Base: This agreement adds to existing PPAs between the two companies, bringing their total renewable energy collaboration in Spain to 320MW.

Shared Goals, Mutual Benefits:

  • Repsol’s Growth: This deal supports Repsol’s ambitious plan to reach 9,000-10,000MW of installed renewable energy capacity by 2027. They’ll invest €3-4 billion to achieve this goal.
  • Microsoft’s Sustainability Push: The agreement helps Microsoft inch closer to its target of 100% renewable energy use by 2025.
  • Digital Transformation & Innovation: Repsol and Microsoft are collaborating on AI-powered digital solutions as part of their long-term partnership. Repsol is also leveraging Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

A Greener Future for Spain and Beyond:

  • Focus on Iberia and US: Repsol aims for 50% of its renewable capacity (4,500-5,000MW) to be in Spain and Portugal by 2027. The US will account for 30% (2,700-3,000MW) through acquired pipelines.
  • Expansion in Chile and Italy: Repsol plans to establish a combined 1,500MW capacity in Chile and Italy by 2027.

This deal is a win-win for Repsol, Microsoft, and the environment! Repsol expands its renewable energy portfolio, Microsoft advances its sustainability goals, and Spain benefits from cleaner energy sources.

What do you think about this collaboration? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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€87m Investment Fuels Green Genius’ 126MW Jekabpils Power Plant

Green Lights Ahead! Green Genius Secures €87m for Massive Latvian Solar Project ☀️🇱🇻

Green Genius is leading the charge towards a sustainable future, securing a whopping €87 million to kick off construction on a giant solar project in Latvia! This 126MW solar park in Jekabpils will be a game-changer, pumping clean energy into the Latvian grid by mid-2025.

Big thanks to German financial powerhouses Berenberg Bank (€26m) and Nord LB (€61m) for making this green dream a reality! This isn’t just Green Genius’ first collaboration with Nord LB, but their second with Berenberg Bank.

Here’s what the key players have to say:

Rokas Bancevicius, CFO of Green Genius: “Green Genius is all-in on sustainability! The Jekabpils project is a huge step towards a greener Latvian energy grid. We’re thrilled to partner with such experienced and trusted financial institutions like Nord LB and Berenberg Bank. The transition to renewable energy demands major investments, and lenders like these are crucial to the process.”

Niels Jakeman, Head of Energy Origination at Nord LB: “Supporting Green Genius with this project is a win-win! We’re helping them build a fantastic solar park while contributing significantly to decarbonizing Latvia’s energy sector. This is a major milestone for Nord LB as our first solar financing in Latvia, and the third in the Baltics within a year. We’re excited to keep partnering with Green Genius across the region.”

Torsten Heidemann, Head of Infrastructure & Energy at Berenberg: “We’re proud to continue supporting Green Genius’ incredible growth in Europe. This is our second collaboration with them, and they’ve once again proven their expertise and potential as a major player in the European renewable energy market. We look forward to financing even more Green Genius projects in the future!”

This Latvian solar project marks another exciting chapter in Green Genius’ journey towards a greener tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled for more sustainable developments! #GreenEnergy #SolarPower #Latvia #RenewableEnergy #Sustainability #GreenGenius #NordLB #BerenbergBank #Baltics #CleanEnergy #ClimateAction







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