UK Solar Powerhouse: 30MW Application Ready

RES Submits Application for 30MW Solar Project to Stafford Borough Council!

🌿 Exciting news from north-west England! RES has submitted an application to Stafford Borough Council for planning consent to develop a 30MW solar project near Leaford. If approved, this project promises a remarkable 74% net gain in biodiversity! 🌱

📍 Project Highlights:
Location: The site is situated between Stallington and Saverley Green.
Biodiversity Measures: RES plans to introduce wildflower meadows, native trees, over 2 km of new hedgerows, hedgehog houses, bee banks, and bird boxes. These initiatives will create vital resources for wildlife and significantly enhance the site’s biodiversity.
Energy Storage: The solar farm will include energy storage solutions, increasing the flexibility and generation potential of the site.
Community-Driven Design: The project layout has been carefully adjusted based on community feedback to reduce visibility from Fulford village and Saverley Green Road and to reposition the site entrance, preserving existing trees.
🌿 Environmental Commitment:
Claire Chamberlain, Development Project Manager for RES, emphasized the importance of prioritizing biodiversity. She highlighted the recent State of Nature Report, which revealed a 19% decline in average species abundance across the UK since 1970. Projects like Leaford Solar Farm are essential for reversing this trend and providing sustainable, low-cost renewable electricity. Claire also mentioned that the low-intensity nature of solar farms allows soil quality to regenerate, ensuring the availability of high-quality agricultural land for future generations.
👥 Community Engagement:
RES has undertaken detailed environmental and technical studies and made considerable design changes based on community consultation. The proposal has been significantly improved thanks to the valuable feedback from local residents.
🌍 Join Us in Supporting Renewable Energy and Biodiversity! 🌍
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Credit: [Image: RES]

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