Qualitas Energy Expands Horizons With New Polish Office!


Qualitas Energy Paves the Way for Poland’s Green Revolution! 🌱🇵🇱✨

               In a strategic move, Qualitas Energy has inaugurated its new office in Wroclaw, southwestern Poland, signaling a commitment to driving renewable energy initiatives. The Polish team will focus on greenfield developments in the promising southern and western regions, recognized as ideal zones for renewable energy projects.

               The physical presence in Wroclaw enhances collaboration with local authorities and communities, fostering transparent communication and a shared commitment to sustainable development. Kamila Sobczyk, the Head of Development for the Polish team, brings her expertise to lead the Wroclaw office, guiding the implementation of greenfield projects in the region. With a fully established operational development, construction, and asset management teams comprising 14 dedicated members, Qualitas Energy is well-positioned for success. The team’s profound sector-specific experience, combined with a deep understanding of the local market, ensures the effective execution of their green initiatives. Krzysztof Zieniewicz, Country Head for Poland, expressed pride in reaffirming Qualitas Energy’s dedication to renewable energy in Poland. The team is poised to deliver successful greenfield projects, explore new opportunities, and strengthen collaborations for a sustainable future in Poland. 🌍🤝 #QualitasEnergy #RenewableEnergy #GreenRevolution #PolandSustainability 






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Energizing The Future: Richborough Battery Project Successfully Plugs Into The Grid!


Energizing the Future: Richborough Energy Park’s Monumental Battery Storage Project

               Imagine a future where our energy needs are met with seamless efficiency and sustainability. That future is getting closer, thanks to the groundbreaking Richborough Energy Park battery storage project in the UK, now fully energized and ready to revolutionize the way we manage power. Nestled in Kent, this 100MW/100MWh project, a brainchild of Pacific Green and Sosteneo Energy Transition Fund, marks a significant milestone in our renewable energy journey. Connected to the National Grid via the robust 400kV Richborough substation, this project is not just about storing energy – it’s about securing a stable, reliable power supply for the future. But what makes this project truly extraordinary? It’s designed to provide crucial grid stability services. As renewable energy sources like wind and solar become more prevalent, their variable nature can lead to fluctuations in voltage and frequency. The Richborough Energy Park steps in to smooth out these imbalances, ensuring a consistent, uninterrupted flow of electricity.

               Developed and managed by Pacific Green under a long-term asset management agreement, this facility is Sosteneo’s first foray into the UK’s energy sector. It represents a leap forward in integrating renewable energy into our daily lives. Ensuring the safety and efficiency of this connection, National Grid has upgraded the Richborough substation. New switchgear, protection, and control systems on the supergrid transformer have been installed, establishing a robust tertiary connection for the project. Stuart Jones, Portfolio Director for the Customer Connection South Region at National Grid Electricity Transmission, captures the essence of this endeavor: “Battery storage has a crucial role to play in delivering a net-zero energy system in Britain. Connecting projects like Pacific Green’s at Richborough Energy Park to our transmission network is a key step in our country’s clean energy journey.” The Richborough site, steeped in history, is now set to become a pivotal part of our network for the energy transition. This substation connects clean electricity projects like batteries and interconnectors, harnessing increasing volumes of renewable power for a brighter, greener future. Join us in celebrating this monumental step towards a sustainable energy landscape, where the Richborough Energy Park stands as a beacon of progress, innovation, and hope for a net-zero world.







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Cube Green’s Energy Revolution: Securing A 125MW Wind And PV Powerhouse


Empowering the Future: Cube Green Energy’s Bold Move in Renewable Energy Across Europe

               In a groundbreaking stride, Cube Green Energy, the repowering maestro, has taken the European renewable energy landscape by storm. This year, they’ve made a monumental leap by acquiring a staggering 125MW onshore wind and solar portfolio, featuring an impressive array of 12 projects scattered across the continent. This latest venture is not just an expansion—it’s a revolution in the realm of clean energy. The heart of Cube Green Energy’s operations pulsates in the core markets of Germany and France. Here, they’ve boosted their installed capacity to an awe-inspiring 150MW of operational assets. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These projects hold a massive repowering potential of over 300MW. And the wheels of progress are already turning, with development work in full swing. Cube Green Energy is on a mission to swap out older, less efficient wind turbines for cutting-edge power generation technology.

               Picture this: once these sites are repowered, they will light up the lives of over 200,000 households in Germany and France with clean, sustainable energy. It’s not just about generating power; it’s about nurturing a greener future. But there’s more. At these repowering sites, Cube Green Energy is innovatively integrating PV solar and utility-scale battery storage. This isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a transformative approach to maximize the energy funneling into the local grid. The ambition of Cube Green Energy knows no bounds. They’re currently on a quest to harness over 1500MW of potential onshore wind and PV solar farms. This journey spans across the vibrant landscapes of continental Europe, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Poland. 2023 marks a year of significant growth for Cube Green Energy. Their team has expanded, with new talent in France and Spain, and the opening of new offices in Hamburg and Madrid. These join their existing strongholds in Berlin and London, creating a network of innovation and expertise. Raghuveer Kurada, the visionary chief executive of Cube Green Energy, reflects on 2023 as a milestone year. They have not only expanded their renewable asset portfolio in Germany and France but have also advanced their repowering strategy. “The rapid deployment of high-efficiency renewable energy assets across Continental Europe remains a key priority of government policy,” he states. And Cube Green Energy stands at the forefront of this mission, with utility-scale battery storage playing a pivotal role in ensuring grid stability and the provision of 24/7 renewable power. In essence, Cube Green Energy isn’t just playing a role; they are crafting a legacy—a legacy of sustainable power, innovative solutions, and a brighter, cleaner future for Europe and beyond.






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Shaping Tomorrow: RES Propels Forward With Chimmens Solar Farm Application


RES Unveils Enhanced Plans for Chimmens Solar Farm Following Community Feedback

               RES, a leading renewable energy company, has officially submitted its planning application for the ambitious 50MW Chimmens solar farm. The proposed site is situated between Horton Kirby and Fawkham, Sevenoaks, in the UK. This milestone follows a comprehensive period of community engagement initiated by RES, which involved seeking feedback from the local residents. An integral part of this process was a public exhibition held on July 10th in Fawkham, dedicated to discussing and refining the design of the proposed solar farm. The invaluable feedback received from the community, coupled with insights from technical and environmental site assessments, has led RES to make significant enhancements to the final design. Among the notable changes is the introduction of new native woodland planting along the northern boundary. Moreover, RES has strategically altered the locations of inverters and energy storage, utilizing existing mature hedgerows for immediate screening.

               Addressing concerns about proximity to residential properties, RES has successfully increased buffers to the northwest of the site. Additionally, the company has committed to incorporating over 35 acres of habitat creation specifically designed for Skylark. In terms of environmental impact, RES predicts a substantial biodiversity net gain, with a 45% increase in habitat areas and a 39% net gain in hedgerow habitats resulting from the proposed solar farm development. Pauric McCloskey, Development Project Manager at RES, expressed satisfaction with the collaborative process, stating, “We’re pleased to have worked with the local community in Horton Kirby and Fawkham to listen to their feedback, reflect on the changes we could make, and then incorporate these into the plans that we have now submitted.” McCloskey emphasized the crucial role of projects like Chimmens in combating climate change, citing their contribution to generating affordable electricity, ensuring a secure energy supply for Britain, and supporting jobs in the growing green economy. As RES progresses with its innovative solar farm project, the company remains committed to fostering sustainability and inclusivity through ongoing collaboration with local communities.







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Revolutionizing Agriculture And Energy: Renantis Launches Pioneering Agrivoltaic Project In Sicily


Harvesting Sunshine in Sicily! 🌞🌾 Renantis’ Scicli agrivoltaic project is now in full swing, marking a major leap towards sustainable energy. This 9.7MW solar farm seamlessly blends photovoltaics and crops across 22 hectares, poised to generate a bountiful 20GWh of renewable energy annually.

🌱 Over 75% of the site harmoniously hosts both solar panels and native crops, fostering a symbiotic relationship with the local environment. To ensure authenticity, Renantis collaborates with the University of Catania’s Department of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, cultivating native crops in tandem with clean energy.

Situated in the picturesque Landolina district of Scicli village, Sicily, this project not only powers homes but also breathes new life into uncultivated land. Renantis remains committed to value sharing, fostering connections with the community and enriching the regions where our renewable projects take root.

Join us in celebrating this journey towards a greener and more sustainable future! 🌍💚 #RenewableEnergy #AgrivoltaicProject #SustainableLiving #CleanEnergyFuture #Renantis







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Neoen Secures the Rays: A Triumph in the Acquisition Of A 104MW French Solar Portfolio


Empowering Tomorrow’s Energy Landscape: Neoen Secures 104MW in French Solar Triumph

               In a resounding win, Neoen clinches over 104MW in solar projects through the latest French government Energy Regulation Commission tender. The four ventures, fully owned by Neoen, span from 14.4MW to 30MW, heralding a new era in sustainable energy. These developments, slated for commissioning between 2025 and 2028, promise to redefine the French energy horizon. Once operational, the quartet of photovoltaic power plants will generate electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of over 50,000 individuals in France, factoring in heating needs. One of these visionary projects takes root in Geloux (Landes), where Neoen, a pioneer in the solar sector since 2014, is entrusted by local authorities to develop a 14.4MW solar farm on municipal forestry plots.

               The other three winning projects are groundbreaking agrivoltaic parks, seamlessly integrating sheep farming and solar power generation. The 30MW Brisanne solar farm in Mayenne stands as a flagship agrisolar initiative, preserving sheep farming and fostering job creation. Collaborating with the Institut de l’Elevage (IDELE) for annual site monitoring, Neoen’s commitment extends beyond energy to sustainable agriculture. In Villegongis, Neoen partners with a sheep farmer on a 60-hectare site, promoting agrivoltaism and offering opportunities for aspiring farmers in collaboration with Naturapolis agricultural college. In Rechicourt-le-Château in Moselle, the 30MW agrisolar site, developed since 2019, reflects Neoen’s collaborative approach with farmers, local authorities, and the Fédération Nationale Ovine. Guillaume Decaen, Neoen’s French development director, expressed pride in this achievement, emphasizing the success of Neoen’s agrivoltaic model. He acknowledged the dedicated team’s exceptional work, leading to Neoen securing half a gigawatt in French government tenders this year—a record-setting accomplishment. Neoen remains poised to build on this success, ushering in a sustainable energy future in the years to come! 🌞🌍 #NeoenSolarTriumph #SustainableEnergy #AgrivoltaicInnovation #SolarPowerRevolution






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RWE’s Major Breakthrough: Winning Two Prestigious Contracts in France


RWE’s Renewable Revolution: Securing Dual Energy Contracts in France

In a remarkable stride towards sustainable energy, RWE has clinched not one, but two pivotal contracts in the heart of France, showcasing the company’s commitment to renewable energy. With an impressive 11MW onshore wind project coupled with a 4MW solar project, RWE is setting new standards in the renewable energy sector. This exciting announcement came as part of the latest technology-neutral call to tender by the French Commission for the Regulation of Energy (CRE), emphasizing a unified approach towards hydro, wind, and photovoltaic projects. RWE’s win not only underscores their technical prowess but also highlights their innovative approach in a competitive landscape.

Solar Meets Wind: A Synergy of Renewable Power

Nestled in the picturesque French department of Charente-Maritime, RWE’s solar farm spans across a lush four hectares, harnessing the sun’s boundless energy. Meanwhile, the three-turbine onshore wind project, set to grace the Loire-Atlantique department, epitomizes the strength and potential of wind energy.

A Leading Force in France’s Wind Energy

RWE’s achievements in France are no small feat. As the third most awarded company in the 13 French onshore wind power tenders held by the CRE, their track record is exceptional. Notably, RWE has triumphed in all recent onshore calls for tenders in which it has participated, solidifying its position as a leader in renewable energy.

A Visionary Leader at the Helm

Katja Wunschel, CEO of RWE Renewables Europe & Australia, expressed immense pride in these achievements. “I’m proud of this result, which demonstrates our ability to consistently come up with new, competitive projects to accelerate the development of renewable energies in France,” she stated. Her words reflect a deep commitment to innovation and excellence, driven by a team dedicated to making a significant impact in the renewable energy sphere.

Aligning Ambition with Action

RWE’s ambition is crystal clear and perfectly in sync with their results. The high quality of their projects and the passion of their teams are testament to a future where renewable energy is not just a possibility, but a reality. As we witness RWE’s continued ascent in the renewable energy domain, their journey is not just about winning contracts, but about shaping a sustainable future for all. Join us in celebrating RWE’s groundbreaking achievements in France!

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X-Elio Shines Bright with €35 Million Financing Deal For Spanish Solar Projects


 Harnessing the Sun’s Power: X-Elio’s €35M Solar Endeavor in Spain

               In a bold move towards a brighter, greener future, X-Elio has recently inked a groundbreaking financing deal with Bankinter, securing a whopping €35 million. This significant influx of funds is earmarked for a noble cause—boosting Spain’s solar energy capabilities.

 The Solar Trio: A 67MW Beacon of Renewable Energy
The earmarked funds are set to catalyze the development, operation, and maintenance of three ambitious solar projects across Spain, cumulatively harnessing a remarkable 67MW of solar power.

 Valencian Vibrance: 50MW of Solar Splendor
A major chunk of this investment is flowing into two solar projects nestled in the picturesque municipality of Xixona, part of the vibrant Valencian Community. These projects, together, are a solar powerhouse totaling 50MW. One of these is a beacon of progress, currently under construction and slated for completion by the year’s end. Its counterpart, a testament to sustainable energy, has been operational since 2021.

 Murcia’s Marvel: The 17MW Solar Gem
Adding to this solar mosaic is the third project, a 17MW asset, already operational and shining bright in the municipality of Fuente Álamo in the sun-kissed Region of Murcia.

 A Visionary’s Words: Nicholas Pentreath Speaks
Nicholas Pentreath, the Chief Financial Officer of X-Elio, encapsulates the company’s ethos and vision: “At X-Elio, our mission is crystal clear. We are committed to delivering high-quality projects in a market like Spain, known for being an advanced and strategic hub for clean energy development. Our aim is to leverage the market opportunities to address climate needs, doing so in collaboration with top-tier partners like Bankinter.”

This ambitious project isn’t just about harnessing solar energy; it’s about igniting a brighter future for Spain and setting a global example in the renewable energy sector.

 Embracing the Future: #SolarPower #GreenEnergy #SustainableSpain #X-ElioInnovation #RenewableRevolution

Join us in celebrating this leap towards sustainability. Let’s embrace the power of the sun and pave the way for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. 🌞💡🌱 #CleanEnergyFuture #EcoFriendlyLiving #SolarSpain2023







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TotalEnergies Launches Pioneering 216MW Solar Power Project: A Leap Forward in Renewable Energy


TotalEnergies Spearheads Revolutionary Hybrid Renewable Energy Project in South Africa

               In an ambitious move towards a greener future, TotalEnergies, along with its partners, has embarked on the construction of a groundbreaking renewable energy project in South Africa. This cutting-edge initiative encompasses a massive 216MW solar power plant, paired with a robust 500MWh battery storage system. This innovative combination is designed to effectively manage the inherent intermittency of solar energy production. Nestled in the scenic Northern Cape province, this state-of-the-art facility is set to revolutionize the way South Africa harnesses solar power. The site is poised to inject dispatchable renewable electricity directly into the country’s national grid for a solid two decades, promising an impressive output of over 400GWh annually.

               A landmark Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), signed in November, plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. Thanks to the advanced storage system, the project commits to providing a steady supply of 75MW of dispatchable power to the national utility Eskom. This supply is remarkably consistent, spanning from the early hours of 5am to 9.30pm, significantly outlasting the daily sunshine. The development of this project is a collaborative effort, led by a consortium comprising TotalEnergies with a 35% stake, Hydra Storage Holding also holding 35%, and a B-BBEE partner, Reatile Renewables, with a 30% share. Celebrating a significant milestone, the project achieved financial closure on December 14. It is on track to be fully operational by 2025, as a key component of the Risk Mitigation Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme. This initiative, launched by the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, aims to augment electricity generation capacity and mitigate South Africa’s pressing electricity supply challenges. Vincent Stoquart, the Senior Vice President of Renewables at TotalEnergies, expressed his enthusiasm: “Together with our partners, we are thrilled to launch this major solar power generation and storage project in South Africa. Its innovative hybrid design is a game-changer, ensuring the supply of continuous green electricity far beyond the sunlight hours. This project is not just a step towards the country’s energy transition, but a giant leap in strengthening the resilience of its power system.” This project stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability, marking a significant stride in South Africa’s journey towards a renewable energy future.






Credit: [Image: TotalEnergies]


Arise Takes A Bold Step: Acquiring A Stake In Prominent Ukrainian Company




Arise’s Game-Changing Move: Revolutionizing Renewable Energy in Ukraine

In a bold and visionary move, Arise has recently acquired a 70% stake in Fenix, a trailblazer in the realm of solar, onshore wind, and storage projects across Norway and Ukraine. This strategic acquisition, valued at approximately NOK330,000 (€28,800), is more than just a financial transaction; it’s a significant step towards a sustainable energy future.

Fenix: A Beacon of Innovation and Expertise

Fenix, with its compact yet dynamic team of nine, including seasoned local management in both Ukraine and Norway, boasts an impressive track record in developing and constructing infrastructure projects. Their expertise is particularly notable in Ukrainian wind farm developments, a testament to their resilience and innovation even in pre-war times.

This team’s deep-rooted experience in the region has enabled Fenix to secure exclusive rights over an initial portfolio of about 300MW of early-stage solar, onshore wind, and storage projects. These projects are on a fast track to reach ready-to-build status within the next 12 to 24 months, heralding a new era of energy solutions.

Arise and Fenix: A Strategic Alliance

The partnership between Arise and Fenix goes beyond mere financial investment. It’s a synergy of visions and ambitions. Arise’s investment will catalyze Fenix’s greenfield development in Ukraine, aiming to secure a robust pipeline of projects in the foreseeable future. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with Arise’s strategic goal of diversifying its business across geographies and technologies.

Per-Erik Eriksson, Arise’s Chief Executive, encapsulates this sentiment: “We are thrilled to partner with Fenix Repower. Our investment signifies our belief in renewable energy as a cornerstone of Ukraine’s recovery and as a magnet for foreign investment. We see Ukraine as Europe’s last untapped energy market, ripe for wind and solar power development.”

Redefining Ukraine’s Energy Landscape

Ukraine’s energy mix, largely dominated by Soviet-era nuclear and thermal plants, is on the brink of transformation. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing war, Eriksson is optimistic about identifying areas within Ukraine where development is feasible and risk-manageable.

Arise, backed by its owners’ extensive experience in Ukraine, is well-equipped to navigate this new market. The aim is not just to establish a strong market position but to contribute significantly to Ukraine’s energy transformation.

Expanding Horizons in Norway

Beyond Ukraine, Fenix’s team in Norway is set to intensify Arise’s greenfield development in the region. With several leads and early-stage projects underway, this expansion marks an exciting phase in Arise’s growth trajectory.

The strategic collaboration was facilitated by a team of expert advisors, including CMS Kluge and KPMG on Arise’s side, and GreenCap Partners, Thomessen, and Asters for Fenix.

In Conclusion: A Forward-Thinking Partnership

Arise’s acquisition of Fenix is not just a business move; it’s a commitment to fostering sustainable energy solutions in challenging environments. It’s about envisioning a future where renewable energy drives economic recovery and growth, particularly in regions like Ukraine, poised on the cusp of energy revolution. This partnership is a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of visionary collaboration in the face of adversity.





Credit: [Image: Arise]