Neoen Secures the Rays: A Triumph in the Acquisition Of A 104MW French Solar Portfolio


Empowering Tomorrow’s Energy Landscape: Neoen Secures 104MW in French Solar Triumph

               In a resounding win, Neoen clinches over 104MW in solar projects through the latest French government Energy Regulation Commission tender. The four ventures, fully owned by Neoen, span from 14.4MW to 30MW, heralding a new era in sustainable energy. These developments, slated for commissioning between 2025 and 2028, promise to redefine the French energy horizon. Once operational, the quartet of photovoltaic power plants will generate electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of over 50,000 individuals in France, factoring in heating needs. One of these visionary projects takes root in Geloux (Landes), where Neoen, a pioneer in the solar sector since 2014, is entrusted by local authorities to develop a 14.4MW solar farm on municipal forestry plots.

               The other three winning projects are groundbreaking agrivoltaic parks, seamlessly integrating sheep farming and solar power generation. The 30MW Brisanne solar farm in Mayenne stands as a flagship agrisolar initiative, preserving sheep farming and fostering job creation. Collaborating with the Institut de l’Elevage (IDELE) for annual site monitoring, Neoen’s commitment extends beyond energy to sustainable agriculture. In Villegongis, Neoen partners with a sheep farmer on a 60-hectare site, promoting agrivoltaism and offering opportunities for aspiring farmers in collaboration with Naturapolis agricultural college. In Rechicourt-le-Château in Moselle, the 30MW agrisolar site, developed since 2019, reflects Neoen’s collaborative approach with farmers, local authorities, and the Fédération Nationale Ovine. Guillaume Decaen, Neoen’s French development director, expressed pride in this achievement, emphasizing the success of Neoen’s agrivoltaic model. He acknowledged the dedicated team’s exceptional work, leading to Neoen securing half a gigawatt in French government tenders this year—a record-setting accomplishment. Neoen remains poised to build on this success, ushering in a sustainable energy future in the years to come! 🌞🌍 #NeoenSolarTriumph #SustainableEnergy #AgrivoltaicInnovation #SolarPowerRevolution






Credits: [Image: Neoen]

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