RWE’s Major Breakthrough: Winning Two Prestigious Contracts in France


RWE’s Renewable Revolution: Securing Dual Energy Contracts in France

In a remarkable stride towards sustainable energy, RWE has clinched not one, but two pivotal contracts in the heart of France, showcasing the company’s commitment to renewable energy. With an impressive 11MW onshore wind project coupled with a 4MW solar project, RWE is setting new standards in the renewable energy sector. This exciting announcement came as part of the latest technology-neutral call to tender by the French Commission for the Regulation of Energy (CRE), emphasizing a unified approach towards hydro, wind, and photovoltaic projects. RWE’s win not only underscores their technical prowess but also highlights their innovative approach in a competitive landscape.

Solar Meets Wind: A Synergy of Renewable Power

Nestled in the picturesque French department of Charente-Maritime, RWE’s solar farm spans across a lush four hectares, harnessing the sun’s boundless energy. Meanwhile, the three-turbine onshore wind project, set to grace the Loire-Atlantique department, epitomizes the strength and potential of wind energy.

A Leading Force in France’s Wind Energy

RWE’s achievements in France are no small feat. As the third most awarded company in the 13 French onshore wind power tenders held by the CRE, their track record is exceptional. Notably, RWE has triumphed in all recent onshore calls for tenders in which it has participated, solidifying its position as a leader in renewable energy.

A Visionary Leader at the Helm

Katja Wunschel, CEO of RWE Renewables Europe & Australia, expressed immense pride in these achievements. “I’m proud of this result, which demonstrates our ability to consistently come up with new, competitive projects to accelerate the development of renewable energies in France,” she stated. Her words reflect a deep commitment to innovation and excellence, driven by a team dedicated to making a significant impact in the renewable energy sphere.

Aligning Ambition with Action

RWE’s ambition is crystal clear and perfectly in sync with their results. The high quality of their projects and the passion of their teams are testament to a future where renewable energy is not just a possibility, but a reality. As we witness RWE’s continued ascent in the renewable energy domain, their journey is not just about winning contracts, but about shaping a sustainable future for all. Join us in celebrating RWE’s groundbreaking achievements in France!

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Credits: [Image: RWE]


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