Revolutionizing Agriculture And Energy: Renantis Launches Pioneering Agrivoltaic Project In Sicily


Harvesting Sunshine in Sicily! 🌞🌾 Renantis’ Scicli agrivoltaic project is now in full swing, marking a major leap towards sustainable energy. This 9.7MW solar farm seamlessly blends photovoltaics and crops across 22 hectares, poised to generate a bountiful 20GWh of renewable energy annually.

🌱 Over 75% of the site harmoniously hosts both solar panels and native crops, fostering a symbiotic relationship with the local environment. To ensure authenticity, Renantis collaborates with the University of Catania’s Department of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, cultivating native crops in tandem with clean energy.

Situated in the picturesque Landolina district of Scicli village, Sicily, this project not only powers homes but also breathes new life into uncultivated land. Renantis remains committed to value sharing, fostering connections with the community and enriching the regions where our renewable projects take root.

Join us in celebrating this journey towards a greener and more sustainable future! 🌍💚 #RenewableEnergy #AgrivoltaicProject #SustainableLiving #CleanEnergyFuture #Renantis







Credits: [Image: Renantis]

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