Cube Green’s Energy Revolution: Securing A 125MW Wind And PV Powerhouse


Empowering the Future: Cube Green Energy’s Bold Move in Renewable Energy Across Europe

               In a groundbreaking stride, Cube Green Energy, the repowering maestro, has taken the European renewable energy landscape by storm. This year, they’ve made a monumental leap by acquiring a staggering 125MW onshore wind and solar portfolio, featuring an impressive array of 12 projects scattered across the continent. This latest venture is not just an expansion—it’s a revolution in the realm of clean energy. The heart of Cube Green Energy’s operations pulsates in the core markets of Germany and France. Here, they’ve boosted their installed capacity to an awe-inspiring 150MW of operational assets. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These projects hold a massive repowering potential of over 300MW. And the wheels of progress are already turning, with development work in full swing. Cube Green Energy is on a mission to swap out older, less efficient wind turbines for cutting-edge power generation technology.

               Picture this: once these sites are repowered, they will light up the lives of over 200,000 households in Germany and France with clean, sustainable energy. It’s not just about generating power; it’s about nurturing a greener future. But there’s more. At these repowering sites, Cube Green Energy is innovatively integrating PV solar and utility-scale battery storage. This isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a transformative approach to maximize the energy funneling into the local grid. The ambition of Cube Green Energy knows no bounds. They’re currently on a quest to harness over 1500MW of potential onshore wind and PV solar farms. This journey spans across the vibrant landscapes of continental Europe, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Poland. 2023 marks a year of significant growth for Cube Green Energy. Their team has expanded, with new talent in France and Spain, and the opening of new offices in Hamburg and Madrid. These join their existing strongholds in Berlin and London, creating a network of innovation and expertise. Raghuveer Kurada, the visionary chief executive of Cube Green Energy, reflects on 2023 as a milestone year. They have not only expanded their renewable asset portfolio in Germany and France but have also advanced their repowering strategy. “The rapid deployment of high-efficiency renewable energy assets across Continental Europe remains a key priority of government policy,” he states. And Cube Green Energy stands at the forefront of this mission, with utility-scale battery storage playing a pivotal role in ensuring grid stability and the provision of 24/7 renewable power. In essence, Cube Green Energy isn’t just playing a role; they are crafting a legacy—a legacy of sustainable power, innovative solutions, and a brighter, cleaner future for Europe and beyond.






Credits: [Image: Unsplash]

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