NTR Powers Up Europe With Whopping 269MW Of Renewable Energy

NTR Flips the Switch on Green Energy Across Europe: 269MW of Renewable Power Now Online!  πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί

Exciting news for the future of clean energy! NTR has successfully kicked off operations at eight brand new renewable energy sites across five European countries. This translates to a whopping 269MW of new wind and solar capacity, bringing us closer to a sustainable future.

NTR CEO Rosheen McGuckian expressed her pride in this achievement, acknowledging the complexity of coordinating projects across five nations. She highlighted the dedication of their teams who are “pivotal” in driving Europe’s clean energy transition.

Here’s a closer look at some of the impressive projects:

  • Murley Wind Farm (Northern Ireland): This 6-turbine wind farm boasts a capacity of 21.6MW and has a power purchase agreement with Almac Group.
  • Ockendon Solar Project (England): This innovative 58.8MW solar farm sits on a repurposed landfill site in Essex, maximizing land use.
  • Gorey & Macallian Solar Farms (Ireland): These two Wexford-based solar arrays combine for a 22.1MW capacity and have a power purchase agreement with AIB Group.
  • Pajuperankangas Wind Farm (Finland): Following a successful acquisition, this wind farm is now generating 86.8MW of clean energy.
  • Ferme Eolienne Cruscades et Canet (France): This 6-turbine onshore wind farm near Narbonne contributes 13.4MW to the grid.
  • Colomera & Pinos Solar Farm (Spain): This 45.72MW solar farm in Granada has a power purchase agreement with packaging producer Huhtamaki.
  • Poblete Solar Farm (Spain): Located in Castile-La Mancha, this 20.7MW solar farm has a power purchase deal with electric services company Holaluz.

With these new projects online, NTR is not only delivering clean energy but also creating jobs and fostering a more sustainable future for Europe.

🌟 Driving the Clean Energy Future: This expansion demonstrates NTR’s dedication to sustainable energy and their pivotal role in Europe’s renewable energy landscape. These projects not only contribute significantly to local and national energy needs but also showcase innovative solutions for land use and energy generation.

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Credit:[Image: Tom Ryan Casey Photography]

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