NHOA Energy Scores Big In Scotland With New Battery Delivery

⚡ NHOA Energy and Statkraft Partner to Propel Energy Transition with New Battery Storage Project in Scotland! ⚡

Exciting news from the renewable energy sector! NHOA Energy has signed an agreement with Statkraft to supply a state-of-the-art battery storage project in Coylton, Scotland. This collaboration includes servicing the 130MWh asset once it becomes operational.

📈 Project Highlights:

  • Third UK Venture: Following two ongoing projects with a combined capacity of 130MWh, the Coylton Greener Grid Park is NHOA Energy’s third significant entry into the UK’s battery storage market.
  • Innovative Functions: The Coylton Greener Grid Park will deliver essential grid-forming, synthetic inertia, and power quality functions.
  • Compliance and Stability: NHOA Energy’s battery storage solution meets the NOA Stability Pathfinder requirements promoted by National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO), aiming to enhance grid stability with short-circuit power and synthetic inertia.

🌍 Driving the Energy Transition: Lucie Kanius-Dujardin, Executive Vice President Global Markets of NHOA Energy, stated, “This new battery storage system in the region propels us to the forefront of the energy transition, leveraging the UK’s dynamic market and Statkraft’s expertise, clearly setting up together a benchmark for innovation and sustainability in the energy sector.”

Lucy Kent, Statkraft Principal Project Manager, Greener Grid Parks, added, “Our Coylton Greener Grid Park will help support the increased deployment of renewable energy into the grid and is another investment by Statkraft in the UK’s renewable energy infrastructure. Once operational, Coylton Greener Grid Park will further cement Statkraft’s role in contributing to grid stability and ensuring a resilient, versatile energy system capable of meeting the demands of the future.”

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Credit: [Image: NHOA Energy]

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