Microsoft Chooses Repsol For Sustainable Power In Spain

Repsol and Microsoft Power Up Spain with 230MW Renewable Energy Deal! ☀️🇪🇸

Repsol and Microsoft are expanding their clean energy partnership in Spain with the signing of six new virtual Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). This deal secures a total capacity of 230MW from a mix of wind and solar farms across the country.

Repsol and Microsoft have struck a significant deal to advance renewable energy in Spain. Here’s a breakdown of the agreement:

  • 230MW of Clean Power: Repsol will supply Microsoft with renewable energy from six new solar and wind farms in Spain, totaling 230MW of capacity.
  • Long-Term Commitment: These virtual Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) span 12 years, ensuring a stable supply of clean energy for Microsoft’s Spanish operations.
  • Building on a Strong Base: This agreement adds to existing PPAs between the two companies, bringing their total renewable energy collaboration in Spain to 320MW.

Shared Goals, Mutual Benefits:

  • Repsol’s Growth: This deal supports Repsol’s ambitious plan to reach 9,000-10,000MW of installed renewable energy capacity by 2027. They’ll invest €3-4 billion to achieve this goal.
  • Microsoft’s Sustainability Push: The agreement helps Microsoft inch closer to its target of 100% renewable energy use by 2025.
  • Digital Transformation & Innovation: Repsol and Microsoft are collaborating on AI-powered digital solutions as part of their long-term partnership. Repsol is also leveraging Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

A Greener Future for Spain and Beyond:

  • Focus on Iberia and US: Repsol aims for 50% of its renewable capacity (4,500-5,000MW) to be in Spain and Portugal by 2027. The US will account for 30% (2,700-3,000MW) through acquired pipelines.
  • Expansion in Chile and Italy: Repsol plans to establish a combined 1,500MW capacity in Chile and Italy by 2027.

This deal is a win-win for Repsol, Microsoft, and the environment! Repsol expands its renewable energy portfolio, Microsoft advances its sustainability goals, and Spain benefits from cleaner energy sources.

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Credit: [Image: Repsol]

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