Le Couret Solar Project Moves Forward With Neoen PPA

Neoen Powers French Trains with Landmark Solar PPA! ☀️

Neoen, a leading developer of renewable energy projects, has signed a groundbreaking 25-year corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) with SNCF Energie. This historic deal marks several milestones:

  • Largest Solar PPA for SNCF: SNCF Energie, the energy supply arm of France’s national railway company (SNCF), will purchase all the electricity generated by Neoen’s 139MW Le Couret agrisolar park in Haute-Vienne, France. This makes Le Couret the largest solar park ever contracted by SNCF through a PPA.
  • Clean Energy for High-Speed Trains: The electricity produced by Le Couret will be enough to power the entire high-speed Paris-Marseille line annually, significantly reducing SNCF’s carbon footprint.
  • Sustainable Innovation: Agrivoltaic Pioneering This project showcases Neoen’s innovative agrisolar approach. The solar farm will coexist with sheep farming, utilizing 150 hectares for grazing and incorporating features like a farmhouse and sheepfold for the farmer. Two apprentices will even be trained in raising sheep within an agrivoltaic environment.

A Collaborative Effort for a Greener Future:

This agreement reflects the commitment of all parties involved:

  • Neoen: “We are proud to have pioneered agrisolar back in 2019,” says Neoen’s French development director, Guillaume Decaen. “The park will support farming while producing clean energy.”
  • SNCF Energie: “As France’s number one consumer of electricity, we have a duty to be exemplary,” states Olivier Menuet, President of SNCF Energie. “This PPA is a significant step towards our goal of using renewable energy sources.”
  • Shared Vision for Decarbonization: Both Neoen and SNCF see this partnership as a model for decarbonizing the transportation sector.

This landmark deal paves the way for a more sustainable future for French railways and sets an example for collaborative innovation in renewable energy.

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Credit: [Image: Neoen]

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