BrightWind Takes Flight With New Open Data Platform For Wind & Solar

BrightWind Unveils BrightHub: Revolutionizing Wind and Solar Data Management
Irish company BrightWind has launched BrightHub, an innovative wind and solar resource data management platform designed to streamline operations in the renewables industry. 
Efficiency at Its Core
BrightHub aims to reduce the time and costs associated with managing wind and solar resource data by consolidating all necessary information into one user-friendly online platform. This groundbreaking system addresses the common issue of unstructured resource data, which often leaves wind analysts spending days to interpret. 
Supported by SEAI
The development of BrightHub was made possible by a €390,000 grant awarded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) in 2022.
Setting New Standards
BrightWind has pioneered a structured model for capturing all permutations for a mast, which became the foundation for the International Energy Agency (IEA) Wind Task 43 wind resource assessment (WRA) data model. This internationally recognized standard enables automated data analysis, making the use of AI in wind analysis a reality. 
Expert Insights
Stephen Holleran, BrightWind director, emphasized the importance of a standardized data format for automation: 
“When I started my journey with IEA Wind Task 43, the whole conversation revolved around leveraging machine learning and AI to automate wind analysis. I made the point that without a standard data format, none of that automation is possible. The development of the WRA Data Model, on which we built BrightHub, makes AI possible for wind analysis and represents a step change in how wind analysis will be done in the future.”
User-Friendly and Comprehensive
BrightHub not only provides a secure repository for proprietary data but also offers access to a growing number of publicly available datasets in the same standardized format. These datasets can be accessed via a GIS-style interface, making data retrieval quick and intuitive for analysts.
Shane Martin, another director at BrightWind, highlighted the platform’s user-centric approach: 
“BrightHub provides a repository for these configurations stored in the WRA Data Model format, allowing analysts immediate and frictionless access to the data in a meaningful way.”
Building on Past Success
This platform is a continuation of BrightWind’s commitment to digitalizing resource assessment, following their successful release of an open-source Python library for automating wind data analysis in 2019. 
Access BrightHub Today
Explore BrightHub at and find the BrightWind library documentation on GitHub at Supported by the SEAI Research, Development & Demonstration Funding Programme 2021, Grant number 21/RDD/606.

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Credit: [Image: BrightWind]

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