Ib Vogt Secures Landmark Solar Power Purchase Agreement In Malaysia: A New Era Of Clean Energy


Ib Vogt and AirTrunk Spearhead Sustainable Innovation with Groundbreaking Solar PPA in Malaysia

               In a remarkable move towards sustainability, Ib Vogt, a leader in solar energy development, is joining forces with Asia Pacific’s hyperscale data centre titan, AirTrunk, to illuminate the future of clean energy in Malaysia. This collaboration has been solidified through a virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA), a pioneering step under Malaysia’s Corporate Green Power Programme (CGPP). The CGPP, an ambitious initiative by Malaysia’s Energy Commission, is designed to boost renewable energy projects across the nation. It’s within this forward-thinking framework that AirTrunk commits to acquiring renewable energy from a 30MW solar farm that Ib Vogt is set to develop. With construction slated to commence in mid-2024, this partnership not only sets a new benchmark for renewable energy projects in Malaysia but also for the data centre industry at large.

               This VPPA represents a significant milestone as it allows businesses to actively participate in Malaysia’s green energy transition. With an allocated quota of 800MW of solar energy generation capacity, the programme offers developers the opportunity to apply for a maximum capacity of 30MW, provided there’s a secured offtaker. This initiative underscores the Malaysian government’s commitment to fostering a sustainable energy ecosystem and encouraging corporate participation in the nation’s green agenda. Damien Spillane, Chief Technology Officer of AirTrunk, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Joining forces with Ib Vogt to lead Malaysia’s first data centre renewable energy VPPA demonstrates our dedication to pioneering sustainable action in the industry.” He further emphasized the significance of this initiative in AirTrunk’s journey towards achieving net zero and decarbonizing the Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ)’s electricity grid, especially with the development of their 150MW AirTrunk JHB1 data centre in Malaysia.

               Moreover, AirTrunk’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at the shores of Malaysia. The company recently announced a long-term PPA for a new solar farm in New South Wales, Australia, and has initiated a renewable energy solution in Hong Kong, matching data centre electricity consumption with local renewable energy certificates. These steps are part of AirTrunk’s broader strategy to lead by example in the digitalisation era, ensuring that the backbone of the internet – data centres – operates on clean, renewable energy. This partnership between Ib Vogt and AirTrunk not only marks a significant leap towards sustainable energy use in data centres but also highlights the potential of innovative collaborations to make a tangible impact on the environment. As these two industry giants work together to harness the power of the sun, they pave the way for a cleaner, greener future, setting a precedent for the industry worldwide. #CleanEnergy #SustainableDataCenters #RenewableEnergy #MalaysiaGreenTech #SolarPowerRevolution







Credit: [Image: Ib Vogt]

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