Is This The UK’s Battery Breakthrough? SSE Project Reaches Milestone

Powering the Peak: Massive Battery Arrives at Ferrybridge! 

The future of clean energy storage is rolling into West Yorkshire! SSE’s incredible 150MW battery project at Ferrybridge just reached a major milestone with the arrival of the first of 136 battery units.

This colossal project will be three times the size of SSE’s first battery storage facility and once operational, could keep the lights on for nearly a quarter of a million homes during peak demand! That’s some serious power!

This innovative project is key to unlocking the full potential of renewable energy sources like wind and solar power in the UK. By storing excess energy during low-demand periods, Ferrybridge will ensure a more reliable and sustainable grid for everyone. ♻️

Construction is moving smoothly with OCU Energy leading the installation alongside crane specialists Notus Contract Lifting. The remaining batteries and a crucial 132kV transformer will be arriving soon, with completion expected by late 2024.

This is just the beginning for SSE! They have two more massive battery storage projects underway – a whopping 320MW facility in Monk Fryston and another 150MW project at Fiddler’s Ferry. The future of clean energy is bright in the UK! ☀️

Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking project! #FerrybridgeBattery #SSErenewables #BatteryStorage #RenewableEnergy #UKPower








Credit: [Image: SSE]

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