Jobs, Growth, and Green Energy: Why Wales Needs A Renewables Boost

Wales Calls for Accelerated Renewable Energy Transition: A Four Nations Approach 

RenewableUK Cymru, a leading renewable energy industry body, has issued a formal call to action in its 2024 manifesto. The organization urges the incoming UK Government to prioritize a rapid transition towards renewable energy sources for Wales.

The Need for Increased Capacity:

The manifesto highlights the critical need for a significant increase in wind power capacity, both onshore and offshore, to meet the rising demand for clean electricity. The current reliance on non-renewable sources, with only 25% of Wales’ energy generation coming from renewables, poses a challenge for energy security and environmental sustainability.

Proposed Solution: A Four Nations Taskforce

RenewableUK Cymru proposes the establishment of a “Four Nations Taskforce” to streamline policies between the UK and Welsh Governments. This collaborative effort would facilitate faster decision-making and eliminate bureaucratic hurdles impeding renewable energy projects.

Public Support for Renewables

The manifesto emphasizes the strong public support for renewable energy in Wales. Polling data demonstrates that a vast majority of Welsh residents (90%) view renewable energy as a key issue for the next government, with a significant number (63%) advocating for increased investment. Public backing extends to grid infrastructure development, with 62% supporting a new grid network to accelerate renewable energy rollout.

Call to Action:

Jess Hooper, Director of RenewableUK Cymru, underscores the urgency of decisive action. She emphasizes the need for a clear and ambitious plan to address the current shortfall in renewable energy projects. With the global energy landscape rapidly evolving, Wales risks falling behind without a proactive approach.


RenewableUK Cymru’s manifesto presents a compelling case for a rapid transition to renewable energy in Wales. The proposed Four Nations Taskforce signifies a commitment to collaboration and efficiency. By prioritizing clean energy, Wales can ensure a secure energy future, promote economic growth, and contribute to a more sustainable planet. #WalesRenewables #GreenEnergy #UKPolitics







Credit: [Image: Unsplash/Alex Eckermann]

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