Yorkshire’s Power Play: What Does This New Solar-Storage Site Mean?

Yorkshire Shining Bright: New Solar Farm & Battery to Power Homes and Communities!

Sun’s out, future’s bright! Ridge Clean Energy (RCE) just got the green light to build a brand new solar farm and battery storage facility in East Riding, Yorkshire. Here’s why this project is a ray of sunshine for the region:

Powering Thousands of Homes with Clean Energy:

  • The Three Oaks Renewable Energy Park (REP) will boast a capacity of 39MW, generating enough clean electricity to power roughly 8,600 homes!
  • This translates to a significant reduction in reliance on fossil fuels and a positive step towards a cleaner future for Yorkshire.

Investing in the Community:

  • RCE isn’t just focused on clean energy; they’re committed to giving back. The project will establish a Three Oaks Community Benefit Fund, injecting a whopping £20,000 annually for the next 40 years!
  • Managed by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, in partnership with local parish councils, this fund will directly support social, educational, and environmental initiatives that benefit the community.

A Haven for Nature:

  • Three Oaks REP goes beyond generating clean power. Through a series of ecological enhancements, the project aims to achieve a net gain of 69% for local biodiversity!
  • Imagine new trees, wildflower meadows, and flourishing hedgerows – a haven for nature right alongside clean energy production.

Marjorie Glasgow, CEO of Ridge Clean Energy, sums it up perfectly: “We’re thrilled to bring clean energy and community investment to Yorkshire. This project sets a new standard for integrating renewable energy with environmental protection and community involvement.”

This is exciting news for Yorkshire! Not only will Three Oaks REP provide clean energy for thousands of homes, but it will also leave a lasting positive impact on the local community and environment. Stay tuned to see this sunshine project come to life! #YorkshireSolar #CleanEnergy #CommunityInvestment







Credit: [Image: Unsplash/Sungrow]

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