Green Giant Awakens: EU Renewables See Explosive 65% Growth

Europe’s Green Surge: Wind and Solar Power Soar, Pushing Out Fossil Fuels!

The wind is blowing strong, and the sun is shining bright across Europe! A new report by Ember reveals a remarkable green transformation happening in the EU’s energy sector. Let’s dive into the details:

Wind and Solar on a Roll!

  • Since 2019, wind and solar capacity has exploded a whopping 65%, adding a staggering 188GW of clean energy power.
  • Wind farms are producing 31% more power, while solar panels have more than doubled their output, making them a major player in the energy mix.

Clean Energy Dominates!

  • This surge in renewables has resulted in a 46% increase in wind and solar generation, pushing their share of the EU’s electricity mix to a quarter in 2023, up from just 17% in 2019.
  • Thanks to this clean energy revolution, the overall share of renewables in the EU has jumped from 34% to 44% in just four years!

Fossil Fuels Feeling the Heat!

  • As renewables take center stage, fossil fuels are getting squeezed out. The EU has witnessed a 22% decrease in fossil fuel generation since 2019.
  • This impressive shift is driven by a significant drop in both coal and gas power generation.

Leaders in Green Innovation:

  • Germany and Spain are leading the charge, contributing a combined 31% of the EU’s new wind and solar capacity.
  • But the good news doesn’t stop there! More than half of the EU member states have at least doubled their wind and solar capacity, with some even tripling it!

Clean Power Spreads Across Europe:

  • From countries like Slovenia, which quadrupled its capacity, to powerhouse Netherlands, which tripled it, the green wave is washing over Europe.
  • Even Central and Eastern Europe are accelerating their transition. Hungary and Poland have seen significant increases in solar power, with Poland adding a whopping 9% of the EU’s total new capacity in the last four years.

EU Sets the Global Standard:

  • This rapid clean energy growth has made the EU a global leader in clean electricity generation. With an emission intensity half the global average, the EU is leaving other major economies in the dust.
  • Since 2019, the EU’s electricity has become even cleaner, dropping its emissions intensity by a significant 15%.

The Future is Green!

Europe’s commitment to renewables is paying off. With wind and solar leading the charge, the EU is not only reducing its reliance on fossil fuels but also significantly lowering its carbon footprint. This is a shining example for other countries to follow as we transition towards a cleaner and more sustainable future! #CleanEnergyWins #GreenRevolution #RenewablePower #TechForGood #InnovationInAction #FutureOfEnergy #CleanEnergy #ClimateAction #Sustainability 







Credit: [Image: Guillaume Perigois/Unsplash]

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