Power Surge: Ingeteam Secures Massive 380MW Oz PV Order

Ingeteam and Acciona Energía’s Thrilling Partnership Unveiled at the Aldoga Solar Farm

               Get ready to witness a monumental leap towards sustainability as Ingeteam joins forces with Acciona Energía for the Aldoga Solar Farm project in Australia. This collaboration isn’t just about technology; it’s about creating a greener future and driving innovation to new heights!

🌞 Revolutionizing Renewable Energy: The Aldoga Solar Farm, nestled along the Central Queensland Coast, isn’t just another solar project. It’s a beacon of progress, set to generate clean electricity for nearly 185,000 households and slash CO2 emissions by over 930,000 tonnes annually!

💼 Creating Opportunities: The construction of this solar gem isn’t just about harnessing solar power; it’s about creating jobs. With around 350 positions during the 18-month construction phase, this project is powering not just homes but livelihoods too!

🚀 Fueling Decarbonisation: This partnership isn’t just about today; it’s about shaping tomorrow. With a 15-year PPA with Stanwell Corporation and plans to fuel the Central Queensland Hydrogen project, the Aldoga Solar Farm is a crucial player in Australia’s decarbonisation journey.

🌍 Global Impact: Ingeteam’s cutting-edge technology, including the INGECON SUN 3Power C series central PV inverters, isn’t just raising the bar in Australia; it’s setting a global standard for solar innovation!

🔗 Unbreakable Bonds: This new contract is more than just business; it’s a testament to the strong alliance between Ingeteam and Acciona Energía, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability and technological excellence.

As Jesús Echarte, Ingeteam’s commercial director, aptly puts it, “Australia’s decarbonisation journey is our mission, and we’re proud to lead the charge with our expertise and solutions.”

Join us as we embark on a journey of transformation, where every watt counts, every job matters, and every innovation propels us closer to a greener, brighter future! #RenewableRevolution #SustainableFuture #InnovationUnleashed








Credit: [Image: Acciona Energia]

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