Aura Power Secures £10M In Funding For Energy Innovation

Empowering Tomorrow: Novuna Business Finance Fuels Aura Power’s Ambitious 12GW Solar and Storage Projects

Novuna Business Finance has recently injected £10 million in funding to bolster Aura Power’s groundbreaking pipeline of utility-scale solar PV and battery energy storage projects spanning the UK, Europe, and North America.

This collaboration signifies Novuna Business Finance’s strong commitment to supporting ventures that drive forward our collective journey towards net-zero emissions. Matthew Andrews, a senior relationship manager at Novuna Business Finance, expressed excitement about partnering with Aura Power to facilitate their ambitious project development endeavors. He emphasized how this partnership not only advances environmental sustainability but also paves the way for a cleaner, renewable energy future.

Aura Power’s CEO and co-founder, Simon Coulson, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the strategic importance of this funding in propelling their late-stage development projects towards realization. With this infusion of capital, Aura Power is poised to make significant strides in actualizing global net-zero ambitions and spearheading innovation in the renewable energy sector.

Together, Novuna Business Finance and Aura Power are shaping a brighter, greener tomorrow—one megawatt at a time! 🌍💡 #RenewableEnergy #SustainabilityLeadership








Credit: [Image: Aura]

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