Labour Pledges To ‘Quadruple’ Offshore Wind By 2030


                 A Labour government would quadruple offshore wind capacity in the UK by 2030 if elected, Sir Keir Starmer has told The Observer newspaper. The Labour leader made the pledge on the eve of the Labour Party’s annual conference in Liverpool. Starmer added he would also double the amount of onshore wind and triple the amount of solar on the grid by the end of the decade in a bid to turn the UK into an independent green “superpower”. However, Labour has yet to publish any details on how it would implement its renewables drive, and had already previously pledged to double onshore wind and triple solar in a briefing paper for its Energy Bills Plan last month. The document notes 30GW and 40GW targets for onshore wind and solar respectively by 2030, as well as 60GW of offshore wind and 15GW of floating wind by 2035. It had also called for an end to a ban on new onshore wind in England, a policy which the Conservative Party appeared to have pipped with its own U-turn announcement on Friday. The Treasury’s Growth Plan confirmed that planning of onshore wind in England would be reformed and called for all offshore wind projects currently under development in the UK to start construction by the end of 2023.



Credits: [Image: The Labour Party]

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