CATL Wins Battery Order For US Mega PV-Storage Site


               Primergy Solar has entered into a sole battery supply agreement with Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) for the Gemini solar-storage project near Las Vegas. Once completed, the $1.2bn Gemini facility will be one of the largest operational solar-storage projects in the US with a 690MW solar array and 1416 megawatt hours of storage capability. Earlier this year, Primergy completed a comprehensive and detailed procurement process and selected several globally leading equipment suppliers and construction partners for the Gemini project. Tan Libin, vice president of CATL, said: “We believe our cooperation on the Gemini Solar Project will set a great example for large-scale electrochemical energy storage applications, thus promoting global drive towards carbon neutrality.”

               Primergy designed a DC coupled system for the Gemini project, which will maximise efficiency from the teaming of the solar array with the CATL storage system. CATL will supply Primergy Solar with EnerOne, a modular outdoor liquid cooling battery energy storage system that features long service life, high integration, and high degree of safety. Ty Daul, Chief Executive Officer of Primergy, said: “The future of our country’s energy reliability and resiliency relies on the mass deployment of battery storage capacity that can supply consistent power back into the grid when it’s needed most. “Together with CATL, we are building a market leading and highly sophisticated battery storage system that can capture surplus solar power during the day and store it for use in the early evening after the sunsets in Nevada.”





Credits:[Image: Primergy Solar]

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