Partners Pledge To Promote Solar In Developing Markets


               The International Solar Alliance (ISA) has signed a $10m grant agreement with the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) to boost solar in developing countries. Under the agreement, ISA will strengthen its programmes, build capacities in the least developed countries (LDCs) and small island developing states (SIDs), and bolster its analytics and advocacy efforts. The broad avenues of collaboration will also include encouraging the exchange of information and best practices, quality assurance of solar products, steps to advance training to strengthen capacities in technological and financial, deployment of solar building awareness for solar energy, and further deploying innovative technologies. Simon Harford, CEO of GEAPP, said: “Energy-poor countries represent about half of the global population. Yet only 6% of all solar PV and wind deployed in 2021 went to these countries. “In fact, only 1% of all wind and solar capacity ever deployed has been installed in Africa. “This is a trend GEAPP is determined to reverse. “We are proud to work with partners such as the ISA to deliver clean energy solutions in cooperation with government, helping tackle climate change and powering more equitable economic growth and sustainable livelihoods.” The ISA-GEAPP partnership will create awareness to “nudge an enabling policy and regulatory environment to support the shift to clean energy”.






Credits: [Image: Unsplash/Jeremy Bezange]

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