Keppel Forms Wind, Solar JV With MET Group


               Keppel Infrastructure Holdings (KI) has formed a JV company, Keppel MET Renewables, with Swiss-based integrated European energy company MET Holding (MET Group), to pursue renewable energy opportunities in Western Europe. The JV between KI and MET Group serves as the next phase of their strategic partnership since KI invested 20% in MET Group in 2020. The new JV, Keppel MET Renewables, will pursue and invest in both greenfield and brownfield solar and onshore wind assets across Western Europe, which will complement MET Group’s businesses across Europe. The JV has a target to scale up rapidly to at least 1GW of operating and ready-to-build renewable energy projects. As part of the strategic deal, KI divested a 10% stake, out of the 20% it owned, of MET Group to Benjamin Lakatos, the founder and chief executive of MET Group, and reinvested the proceeds, including gains, from the divestments into the JV. KI will invest approximately €30m as start-up equity into Keppel MET Renewables.

               Subsequently, KI and MET Group will each hold 49.9% in Keppel MET Renewables, with the remaining 0.2% to be held by Lakatos. Keppel MET Renewables will be seeded with an initial portfolio of 213MW of early-stage solar projects in Italy from MET Group. These assets are expected to achieve commercial operations, in phases, between end-2024 and mid-2025. Both Keppel Infrastructure and MET Group will leverage Keppel MET Renewables to accelerate the growth and transformation of their power generation portfolio towards more renewables and low carbon energy infrastructure assets. This further underscores the commitment towards achieving Keppel’s Vision 2030 goals and MET’s 2GW renewables target. Upon the completion of this investment, the Keppel Group will have approximately 2.6GW of renewable energy assets on a gross basis, including assets under development. Cindy Lim, chief executive of KI, said: “Solar and wind energy will be cornerstones for the EU to promote the uptake of renewables-based electrification in transport, heating and cooling, and facilitate the achievement of its energy transition aspirations. “The European Green Deal and the REpowerEU plan give rise to vast opportunities for renewable energy projects and sector coupling across the EU economy which aim to set a more resilient and sustainable energy system. “Keppel Infrastructure is pleased to leverage our existing strategic relationship with MET Group to expand our geographical presence in Europe and accelerate the growth of our renewable energy portfolio. “The initial portfolio of Italian solar assets offers an attractive platform for us to form a beachhead in the burgeoning renewables sector in Western Europe. “Keppel MET Renewables will continue to pursue such opportunities in other Western European countries, such as France, Germany, Portugal and Spain, and take our business to the next level.” Lakatos added: “I am excited that we are stepping up to the next level of strategic partnership with Keppel. “The renewables joint venture we have established is the right platform for our cooperation and fits perfectly within the long-term vision of both companies. “MET and Keppel are dedicated to support the energy transition in Europe.” After these transactions, MET Group remains a majority management-owned company operating under joint control, and Keppel Infrastructure will keep its representation on the board of directors of MET Group. The above transaction is not expected to have any material impact on the net tangible assets per share or earnings per share of Keppel Corporation, the parent company of Keppel Infrastructure, for the current financial year.






Credits: [Image: MET Group ]

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