Ridge Clean Energy Seeks Permit For UK Hybrid Project


                 Ridge Clean Energy (RCE) has submitted a planning application for the hybrid renewable energy Six Oaks Renewable Energy Park project. The proposed 49.9MW solar farm with battery storage is situated about 1.4km southeast of Bottisham in East Cambridgeshire. The project would also include species-rich seed mix in between the rows of solar panels to encourage wildlife including bees and birds. Through an array of ecological enhancements, the site aims to deliver a net gain of 66% to local biodiversity. Existing hedgerows are to be enhanced with extra planted where necessary to provide additional screening and to benefit wildlife. The associated Six Oaks Community Benefit Fund is projected to provide £25,000 per year for the lifespan of the project (up to 40 years).

                 In addition to the Community Benefit Fund, RCE will also provide up-front seed capital and development assistance for community projects, so people don’t have to wait until the completion of the build to start receiving benefits. “We develop each project with the scope to do so much more than generate power,” said Marjorie Glasgow, co-founder and CEO of RCE. “We believe that combining clean energy with the needs of communities is the most powerful way to tackle climate change and its impacts. “The Six Oaks Renewable Energy Park could help East Cambridgeshire adapt to the biggest challenges currently facing communities in the UK – climate change, energy security, and the rising cost of living,” Glasgow added. “The Ridge team have a proven track record in developing high-quality UK renewable energy projects whilst working alongside local communities to create enduring and sustainable local benefits.” Community Partnership Lead Daniela Jenkins added: “As a company we aim to develop a close partnership with local communities from the very start of a project. We have met with parish councillors, community groups and charities with the aim to encourage and support local communities on their path to net zero and we are working with a local group to improve biodiversity on the proposed site. “We are looking forward to supporting community projects and ideas, which could be EV charging, improving play parks or local cycle networks.”






Credits: [Image: Pixabay]

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