RES Submits Plan For 25MW Varley Solar Farm


               RES has submitted a planning application for its 25MW Varley solar farm, located southeast of Cromhall, in South Gloucestershire. The design process considered feedback that was received after a public exhibition held in July 2022, alongside information gathered from several detailed technical and environmental surveys in order to inform the final design. As a result, a number of changes have been made to the design to ensure the solar farm fits sensitively into the existing landscape, whilst maximising the low carbon, low-cost electricity generation. Changes made include siting infrastructure further away from residential properties, and increasing the hedgerow height in areas to reduce potential visibility. Furthermore, in response to consultation feedback, RES has undertaken a comprehensive review of all potential access routes and has proposed a solution to minimise any potential impact on the local road network from HGV delivery traffic.

               The initial plans for the project will be determined by South Gloucestershire Council’s planning committee. If consented, Varley Solar Farm would be capable of producing clean, green electricity for approximately 9700 homes every year. It will also deliver an estimated £80,000 in business rates annually to fund vital local services. Bertrand Devossel, Development Project Manager at RES, said: “This particular site has been chosen as it has good solar irradiation levels, lies outside of any statutory environmental, archaeological and landscape designations and due to its proximity to a viable grid connection. “We hope that South Gloucestershire will agree that Varley Solar Farm is in an optimum position to help tackle climate change and is a crucial step forward if the country is to meet the UK’s target of net zero by 2050.”







Credits: [Image: RES]

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