Cepsa Plans 400MW Spanish Solar Build


               Spanish oil and gas firm Cepsa will add three new solar projects in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain with a combined capacity of 400MW. The company will develop the plants in the towns of Campo de Criptana and Arenales de San Gregorio (Ciudad Real), with an investment of more than €280m and their construction will start at the beginning of 2025. Once in operation, these projects will produce an estimated annual energy output of 840GWh, which is equivalent to nearly one third of the domestic consumption of Castilla-La Mancha. Within the framework of these developments, the town councils of Arenales de San Gregorio and Campo de Criptana have signed agreements with Cepsa to join the “Sumamos Energías” programme, which promotes the local economy and environment. 

               Cepsa head of development of photovoltaic projects Geronimo de Angulo said: “Castilla-La Mancha is a strategic community for the development of Cepsa’s renewable energy portfolio, which will allow us to drive our Positive Motionstrategy. “We are going to advance in the decarbonization of our activity, while generating a positive impact on the environment, based on the DNA that characterizes us: creation of shared value, listening to the public and establishing long-term relationships based on trust.” Cepsa has committed to developing nine projects in this area, with a total capacity of 1200MW, generating more than 2,100 jobs during their construction, with a total investment of more than €840m.






Credits: [Image: Asia Chang/Unsplash ]

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