Acciona Energía Powers Up 125MWp Spanish Solar Site


                 Acciona Energía has commissioned the 125MWp Extremadura I, II and III photovoltaic complex in Almendralejo (Badajoz), the company’s largest solar plant in Spain. Extremadura I, II and III consists of more than 230,000 photovoltaic modules that will generate 257GWh of clean electricity annually, equivalent to the consumption of about 65,000 homes, which will avoid the emission of about 112,000 tons of CO2 per year. The total investment of the project exceeds €80m. In collaboration with the City Council of Almendralejo and AlmaNatura, the company has implemented the ‘Colabora Almendralejo’ project, as part of its Social Impact Management (GIS) program associated with the project. The initiative arises after a social impact study and an open dialogue with all the interest groups identified in the area with the aim of connecting unemployed young people and companies to work together and promote the sustainability and employability of the municipality. A total of 25 young people will receive free training in various areas such as sustainability, innovation and the identification of socio-environmental challenges.

                 In addition, ten companies will participate in follow-up sessions to identify their main spaces for improvement and challenges in terms of sustainability. With the knowledge acquired, young people and companies will work together in a series of co-creation workshops to develop solutions that promote the sustainability of companies and help them overcome the challenges identified. The construction works of Extremadura I, II and III have brought to light a series of very relevant archaeological remains, among which a set of Chalcolithic settlements of more than 5,000 years ago stands out. The company has worked hand in hand with archaeologists, specialists in heritage conservation and the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of the Junta de Extremadura to locate, demarcate and safeguard the 11 sites found that represent 30 hectares of archaeological protection. Acciona Energía has been adapting the design and configuration of its photovoltaic project to ensure the protection and preservation of the vestiges that have been delimited. The company will undertake and fully finance the excavation of these deposits. 






Credits: [Image: Acciona Energia ]








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