JBM Solar Submits Roundhill Solar Farm Proposal


               JBM Solar has submitted proposals for a solar farm and battery energy storage system (BESS) to Wychavon District Council. The Roundhill solar farm, located to the south of Earls Common Road in Inkberrow, would produce the equivalent annual electricity needs of over 18,000 Wychavon homes. The submission follows an extensive period of community engagement and consultation. The site will be opened up to the local community through the provision of green infrastructure including picnic areas, permissive paths, a visitor car park, a community orchard, enhanced public rights of way, an educational trail and outdoor classroom.

               A small number of residents have raised questions about the site’s historic link to the author JRR Tolkien. Whilst Tolkien would have known the surrounding countryside, there are no references in consulted sources of any specific connection with the site. Due to the nature of the development, the site would be preserved as greenfield before, during and after it is decommissioned, unlike other developments, and would provide around £7.6m in local business rates. A spokesperson for JBM Solar said: “The Roundhill Solar Farm is a great opportunity to provide sustainable and renewable energy for years to come. Increasing the proportion of renewable energy is key in supporting Wychavon District Council’s net zero carbon goals.”






Credits: [Image: JBM Solar]

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