US Players Convert Brownfield Site Into PV Project


                 CEP Renewables, CS Energy and NJR Clean Energy Ventures (CEV) have announced the conversion of a former contaminated brownfield site into a 17MW solar project  (pictured) in New Jersey. This fixed-tilt solar array was constructed in two phases on a site that previously housed a paper mill complex. CEP Renewables used its experience redeveloping Superfund landfills and brownfields to transition a former contaminated site into sustainable, green energy.

               Executive vice president at CEP Renewables Chris Ichter said: “We’re pleased to leverage our extensive experience with redeveloping Superfund and brownfield sites to turn this previously contaminated property into a source of solar energy, jobs and tax revenue. “We were able to efficiently overcome the unique challenges this site posed by working closely with the property owner and the EPC, CS Energy, at every stage of the project.” CEV, one of the largest solar owner/operators in New Jersey, acquired the Holland project from CEP Renewables in 2021, and now owns 63 commercial solar projects throughout New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut, with a portfolio of more than 430MW of installed capacity.






Credits: [Image: CEP Renewables ]

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