RGreen Invests €44m In German PV Player


               Germany-based Goldbeck Solar Group has announced the financial close of a €44m HoldCo debt facility with French fund manager RGreen Invest. The funds, provided by RGreen Invest’s  short-term senior debt fund, Infrabridge III, will be used to support the construction of four ground-mounted solar PV projects. These sites are strategically located in Canada and Chile, with a combined capacity of 69MWp and 24MWp respectively. The Canadian projects, situated in Alberta, boast capacities of 61MWp and 8MWp respectively and form part of the joint venture between Goldbeck Solar and Pathfinder Clean Energy.

               The developments in Chile, located in the Bío-Bío Province, have a capacity of 12MWp each. The Chilean sites are expected to benefit from the Pequeños Medios de Generación Distribuida (PMGD) programme, while the Canadian projects will initially operate on a fully merchant basis, allowing Goldbeck Solar to capitalise on market dynamics. Goldbeck Solar head of finance and investment Olga Kovalchuk said: “We are thrilled to partner with RGreen Invest, a prominent player in the renewable energy finance sector. “This collaboration reinforces our commitment to driving the global transition to sustainable energy systems and will accelerate the realisation of our first solar projects in Canada and Chile.” RGreen Invest head of debt investment Mathilde Ketoff added: “This investment underscores our confidence in experienced global players such as Goldbeck Solar to deliver innovative solar energy solutions across the globe. “While our primary focus lies in funding European projects, our mandate enables us to expand into new countries through strategic partnerships. “Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a sustainable future by harnessing the power of clean and dependable solar energy.”






Credits: [Image: Goldbeck Solar]

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