Ib Vogt Secures €350m In Project Financing


               International solar developer Ib Vogt and Santander Corporate & Investment Banking (Santander CIB) have closed a €350m financing agreement to further accelerate the buildout of projects intended for the developer’s long-term asset ownership. The company plans to utilise the fresh capital for financing the construction of projects sourced from its own project pipeline, refinancing existing credit facilities, and expanding their bonding lines. Ib Vogt was able to secure the volume and conditions of the agreement, leveraging its high-value pipeline and proven track record, the developer said. This facility plays a vital role in Ib Vogt’s strategic objective of long-term ownership and operation of solar PV projects derived from the company’s Development, EPC, and O&M activities.

               Through this diversification, Ib Vogt aims to capitalize on future value-adding opportunities, including accessing benefits from new revenue streams, cross-selling, margin compression, and asset optimisation. Ib Vogt chief executive Anton Milner said: “As we continue to build out our project pipeline, this agreement will enable us to deliver high-quality, high-performance renewable energy assets to strengthen our own platform. “This not only benefits our business but also propels the much-needed energy transition by accelerating the buildout of clean energy resources. “We are thrilled to partner with Santander CIB, a reliable and capable financing partner who understands the economic and ecological significance of this agreement. “Our goal is to deploy this capital effectively and bring more renewable energy projects to life.”  Benoît Felix, global head of structured finance at Santander CIB, added: “Santander CIB is delighted to partner with Ib Vogt in delivering this new funding line, unlocking the next exciting phase of growth and development for this market-leading platform. “This underpins Santander’s ongoing commitment to green and sustainable financing.”






Credits: [Image: Ib Vogt]

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