DTEK Restores Ukrainian PV Plant


               Specialists at DTEK Renewables have restored the Niko Solar power plant in the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine. This is DTEK Renewables’ first such external project. It said 90% of the generating equipment of the Niko Solar SPP, which has capacity of 5.7MW, was damaged by Russian shelling. DTEK Renewables has acquired unique expertise in restoring RES facilities that have been damaged or destroyed by military operations after fixing its own solar projects, the company said.

               In October 2022, after Ukraine took back part of the southern territories from Russia, DTEK restored operations at the partially damaged Trifonivskaya solar plant in a few weeks and later repaired it to 100% capacity. DTEK Renewables chief executive Oleksandr Selishchev said: “Green energy is the key to Ukraine’s energy security. “Therefore, we did not hesitate to join the restoration of our colleagues’ solar plant so that the region would once again have such important megawatts of distributed generation. “We are also ready to help other companies so that people are sure of a reliable source of energy supply next winter.”






Credits: [Image: Science in HD/Unplash]

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