Natural Power Steps In At English Solar Site


               Renewable energy consultancy and service provider Natural Power has taken over as owner’s engineer and principal designer for NTR’s 40MW Ockenden Solar PV Park in Essex, England. Anticipated to be one of the UK’s largest solar parks, the site will comprise more than 108,000 ground-mounted PV panels, potentially powering 17,000 local homes.  

               This initiative covers a 98.44-hectare Veolia-owned plot, previously used as a landfill site. “This has been a really exciting project for us, not just due to the location of the site in close proximity to London, where there is understandably a significant demand for energy, but also the forward-thinking nature of the development that is repurposing land that would otherwise go unused to supply clean power using new and innovative engineering solutions that ensure minimum disruption to the landfill and maximum energy output,” said construction director at Natural Power Ralph Spernagel. “This continues our long relationship with NTR where we have used our full project lifecycle knowledge to provide value adding health and safety expertise, technical advisory and project management services to assist in its acquisition and construction of renewable projects.”






Credits: [Image: Natural Power]

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