Harmony Energises 99MW Battery


               Harmony Energy Income Trust (HEIT) has energised a 99MW battery in Buckinghamshire, England. The 198 megawatt hour Bumpers grid battery adds to HEIT’s operational portfolio, which includes the 98MW/196MWh Pillswood battery in Yorkshire and the 49.5MW/99 MWh Little Raith battery in Scotland. Both Bumpers and Little Raith are two-hour duration batteries, using Tesla’s Megapack 2XL system.

               The sites are operated through Autobidder, Tesla’s algorithmic trading platform, which has demonstrated a strong track record with HEIT, having been operated across its Pillswood, Broadditch and Farnham sites. The projects will provide balancing services to the GB electricity grid network whilst also enabling the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy. Max Slade, Director of the investment manager of HEIT, said: “We want to be at the forefront of a greener and more sustainable future, and the energisation of the Bumpers and Little Raith projects is another significant step in the right direction for achieving Net Zero and our full portfolio build out. “Like all our projects, these aren’t supported by taxpayer subsidy.”






Credits: [Image: HEIT]

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