European Energy Wins Approval For 90MW Italian Solar


               European Energy has secured authorisation to build a 90MW solar farm project in Puglia, Italy, through its subsidiary, Cerano Energreen. The project is located in the municipality of Cerano. “This project underscores our dedication to fostering collaborations with the local supply chain and rejuvenation programs in Italy. “To meet the EU’s 2030 targets, we need state-of-the-art plants like Cerano that not only replace fossil-based energy but also pave the way for a sustainable energy transition, said Alessandro Migliorini, Director and Country Manager Italy of European Energy.

               A notable feature of the project is its commitment to reforestation. As a part of the initiative, a substantial area, spanning 35 hectares, will be allocated for reforestation. The scheme also encompasses various works to enhance the region’s infrastructure. The project’s solar modules will be installed on trackers. “We are aiming to develop renewable energy in all regions of Italy, and the country is a key market for us. “For the Cerano project, we are especially thrilled that we are using lands which cannot be used for agriculture and therefore have no alternative use. “Also, the location is ideal, very close to an industrial area,” said Thorvald Spanggaard, Executive Vice President and Head of Project Development in European Energy.





Credits: [Image: European Energy]

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