Axpo Unveils 30MW Alpine Solar Plant


               Swiss developer Axpo is planning to build a second 30MW Alpine solar park called Ovra Solara Rueun on Alp da Rueun in the country. The announcement follows its September 2023 presentation of proposals to build the 15MW Ovra Solara Camplauns ground-mounted system on Alp da Schnaus in Ilanz/Glion in the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. This second project forms part of the company’s ambition to generate a total of around 66GWh of sustainable electricity in Ilanz/Glion the region, corresponding to the electricity consumption of over 14,000 households. The two sites will produce essential winter electricity said the developer. “Our outstanding partnership with the municipality of Ilanz/Glion marks another key step in our solar offensive and for the energy transition in Switzerland,” said head of Axpo Solar Switzerland Oliver Hugi.

               “I am delighted that we can rely on the experienced solar expert Axpo for the two projects in our community,” said the region’s mayor says Marcus Beer. “With these plants, we are increasing energy security in Switzerland, adding value to the region and bringing the community long-term income for the municipal treasury.” Axpo informed the population of the Ilanz/Glion municipality about the two intended projects at an information event and the public will vote on the two projects within the next few weeks. Assuming a positive voting result and a building permit, Axpo will begin the construction of the plants in spring 2025, with partial commissioning expected in late 2025. The Ovra Solara Camplauns site will cover an area of 200,000 square metres and is expected to produce 22GWh of electricity per year, which equates to the electricity consumption of over 4700 households. The developer said it installation will leave the ski slopes and hiking and cycling trails undisturbed. After completion, the land will remain usable as pasture, enabling the coexistence of habitat and energy production it said. Ovra Solara Rueun is planned for installation over an area of around 500,000 square metres. The plant is expected to produce around 44GWh of renewable power, which equates to the electricity consumption of over 9,400 households. As with the plant on Alp da Schnaus, it is being ensured here the site’s various uses can coexist harmoniously said the developer. The plant will also be constructed up to the existing high-voltage line in order to combine the infrastructure.






Credits: [Image: Expo]

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