Voltalia, Co-op Ink UK Solar Supply Deal


               Immerse yourself in the green revolution as we unveil an electrifying partnership that’s powering up sustainable futures! Co-op, a name synonymous with community and care, has taken a bold leap into a cleaner tomorrow by inking a groundbreaking 15-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Voltalia, an energy trailblazer. This alliance is set to light up lives with the pure energy harnessed from a sprawling 34MW solar farm nestled in the lush landscapes of North Yorkshire, UK. Picture this: by 2025, Co-op’s extensive UK estate, ranging from bustling food stores to comforting Funeralcare homes, will be energized by the sun’s boundless vigor, courtesy of Voltalia’s Eastgate solar farm near the picturesque Scarborough. The gears of progress are already turning, with early construction efforts painting the dawn of this renewable era.

               Envision a sea of 62,500 solar panels, each a sentinel of sustainability, standing guard over our environment. When their powers combine, they’re set to conjure enough clean electricity to fulfill a whopping 7.5% of Co-op’s annual electric appetite. Shirine Khoury-Haq, Co-op’s visionary chief executive, shares this milestone with fervor: “This PPA marks more than a deal; it’s a declaration of our dedication to electrify the energy grid with transparency and integrity. It’s a catalyst for energy independence, a booster for the economy, and a giant leap towards our net-zero ambition. We’re sparking a call to action, urging swift reform for initiatives like Eastgate to illuminate the path to a decarbonized grid, which isn’t just a win for the planet but a triumph for energy security and affordability.” Voltalia’s leader, Sébastien Clerc, echoes this enthusiasm: “It’s our honor to champion Co-op’s net-zero crusade. We’re not just electrifying the food industry; we’re fueling a movement towards consumption that’s conscious and conscientious, reaching millions and sowing the seeds of a more sustainable lifestyle.” Together, Co-op and Voltalia are not just sharing energy—they’re sharing a vision. One where every sunrise on the Eastgate solar farm brings us closer to a future where blue skies, green fields, and golden opportunities coexist, powered by the promise of a planet respected and protected. Join us in celebrating this shimmering synergy of commerce and conservation, where every watt tells a story of hope and every panel is a pledge for prosperity.






Credits: Image: Voltalia

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