Unveiling The 60GW Megaton Moon By GreenGo


Harnessing the Winds and Suns of Mauritania: GreenGo Energy’s Ambitious Megaton Moon Project

A Leap Towards a Greener Future

Imagine a world where the energy we use doesn’t harm our planet. GreenGo Energy, a visionary in the renewable energy sector, is turning this dream into a reality with its latest ambitious project – the Megaton Moon green energy park in Mauritania.

The Vision of Megaton Moon

This isn’t just another renewable energy project; it’s a giant leap towards a sustainable future. With a planned capacity of 60GW, the Megaton Moon project is set to revolutionize the green energy landscape. By harnessing the power of the sun and wind, it aims to produce an astounding 4 million tonnes of green hydrogen and 18 million tonnes of green ammonia annually.

Staged for Success

The project’s implementation is as innovative as its vision. Set to unfold in phases, it targets the completion of its pilot stage by 2028, with full operation anticipated between 2033 and 2035. This strategic approach not only ensures efficient progress but also paves the way for technological advancements along the journey.

A Meeting of Minds

Recently, a significant stride was made when GreenGo Energy met with Mauritania’s Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines. This meeting underscored the project’s importance and feasibility, highlighting Mauritania’s potential as a global hub for green hydrogen production.

Mauritania: An Ideal Location

Why Mauritania? The answer lies in its exceptional solar and wind resources, vast flatlands, and strategic coastal location. Moreover, the region’s operator-friendly fiscal policies and proximity to European markets add to its allure as the perfect site for this groundbreaking project.

Beyond Energy: A Vision for Socioeconomic Growth

But Megaton Moon is more than just an energy project. It’s a catalyst for socioeconomic and urban development. By producing over 70 million tons of desalinated water annually, it will not only support local desert farming but also establish a new green industry in the region. This project promises to transform the capital city of Nouakchott and the entire country, offering sustainable solutions to historical challenges of water and energy scarcity.

Expertise and Collaboration: The Driving Forces

The project’s momentum is fueled by GreenGo Energy’s expertise, gained from their successful 4GW project in Denmark. Collaborating with partners like COWI and New Power Partners, GreenGo Energy is set to bring its vision to life with state-of-the-art engineering and design.

A Path to Completion

The road to completion involves intricate planning and cooperation with various stakeholders. With plans to attract local production of key components and negotiations for MoUs with manufacturers, GreenGo Energy is laying a solid foundation for this monumental endeavor.

A Financial Model Built on Partnership

Financing such a vast project requires a robust model, and GreenGo Energy has it covered. Through partnerships with leading investors in the green energy space, combined with their comprehensive full-service platform, GreenGo Energy is set to make Megaton Moon a shining example of what can be achieved in the realm of renewable energy.

 In Conclusion

The Megaton Moon project by GreenGo Energy isn’t just a plan; it’s a promise of a greener, more sustainable world. With each step towards completion, we move closer to a future where our energy needs are met without compromising our planet. Stay tuned as we witness this remarkable journey unfold, one that could change the face of renewable energy forever.






Credits: [Image: GreenGo Energy]

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